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  1. ztrguy

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    Does the state of Missouri require any licensing for putting down Fertilizer? I'm wanting to start doing Fertilize applications. Is there a website or something that I can find out how to get started fertilizing? Thanks!
  2. indyturf

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    I dont think you need a liscense if you are just doing fert. but if you use any weedcontrol or insecticides you will need a liscense. My nephew lives in MO. and has a pestcontrol business, he has done all of his testing through Purdue U. so you could check with them or your local ag. dept. and find out what you will need. you wil lbe able make more $ if your liscensed.
  3. DLS1

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    Here you go


    You can apply fertilizer WITHOUT weed control products mixed in and for that you don't need a license. MU will send you out two books to use for studying for a small fee. I think you only need to get 70% correct on the two tests. I passed it the first time without much study so tests not that hard.
  4. robertsturf

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    Be sure you don't try to apply pre-emergent with fertilizer. It is a pesticide and would be subject to regulations. My question would be why would you not get certified first? It really is not that hard. I'm not trying to put you down or anything. I think it would be more professional to be certified.
  5. Tscape

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    Isn't there a filter that could be installed where this type of question gets all of the usual answers pasted in? I mean what's the deal coming in to a professional fetilizer's forum and starting a thread titled "fertilizing". And before you jump all on me, you guys know you are sick of this dumb question every week.
  6. ztrguy

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    from NE FL
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    Thanks for the "helpful" posts! Thanks especially to those in the state of MO. I'm not wanting to do 100% Fert Applications, just a few here and there. No need to waste time with the test if you don't have to have it for a few applications here and there. You've saved me plenty of time by posting your messages. Thanks again!
  7. quiet

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    Turfscape - You're not following the proper sequence in this thread. First a guy asks "Do you need a license to apply in X state?". Then another guy is supposed to say "Not if your just applying fert", but then someone corrects him and says "yes you do in your state". Then someone is supposed to come on and say "Licensing is all a bunch a bull. I apply weed and feed that any homeowner can buy at the store". Then we all jump on him, too.

    C'mon . . . we do this every few days. You should know the drill. You're really messing it up. Your response about filtering these questions out should come in at about the 18th or 19th post; right after someone says to the guy (who's been on this site for almost 3 years) to read the sticky at the top of this forum "Licensing in all States".
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    LOL...I thought since more guys have time to post more, we would get some better threads, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The search feature needs to be used more on this site...

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    who what when where but i bought it at the depot so it must be ok
  10. ztrguy

    ztrguy LawnSite Senior Member
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    So anyone else in Missouri have some helpful information?

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