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    I want to know how to price fertilizer work. I intend to use granulars four times a year. I just got in with a realtor who asked that I provide fertilizer service to get any business from her. I have only done it a few times for existing clients who want it done now and then and don't ask for a price up front. In which case I just charge material plus hourly rate. I don't even know if my prices come out competitively or not. So how about it? How does everyone else work it? thanks.<br>Chris H.
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    Chris, the way it is done in the midatlantic region is that most guys will charge a fee per thousand square feet. (Approximately $4.00 - $4.50) they will charge double for grub control and triple for fungicide applications. Ithink that if you use this type of formula you will find yourself being competitve and making yourself a decent amount of money.
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    Check the market by calling around in your area and surveying your customers that you don't fertilize for. Many of the mega-fertilizer companies are spraying colored water for 1.55/1k. Hard to compete if the customer isn't educated. <br>One more thing, I'm not preaching but if you are applying anything other than fertilizer you should be licenced and certified with your state. Some states are very tough on unlicenced applicators. If someone turns you in your fines will offset any profit you might make. <br>It also is good to know how, when, where and why you are using pesticides. Some of this stuff can mess you up, slowly or quickly if you don't know what you are doing. There is money to be made but do it the right way. By the way I charge between 4 and 5 dollars per 1k for granular. Make sure you measure and calibrate. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the input. All I intend to do is apply fertilizer. The pest control license is very difficult to get here in Florida, although I do intend to go for it in another year or two. <br>Chris H.

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