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    Once again, I'm too impatient to read other threads about this subject. I live in Texas, where the grass is still dormant in most yards, but there is some greenery coming up. I have one customer who has a very small yard which consists mainly of thick bermuda grass. However, there are some green weeds popping up in spots. Should I use a pre- or post- emergent fertilizer? I'm looking at using something very simple, such as your basic 'weed-and-feed.' Also, should I mow the yard first, then apply fertilizer, or apply fertilizer, then mow a week later? If anyone can help on this matter, I would appreciate it.

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  2. echeandia

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    Are you licensed to apply pesticides? If not, you cannot put down any pre-emergent or weed & feed type fertilizers. You will get caught and fined. The fine is in the thousands of dollars per offense. Regarding just fertilizer you need to check with the Texas Dept of Agriculture to see if you need a permit/license to put it down as well. However, the fertilizer application permit/license alone is much easier to get then the pesticide license.
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    With all due respect, if you are asking THESE questions, then you should probably leave the pesticide applications to someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, and prepared to deal with this type of situation. Or for better words,...licensed.
  4. DaughtryLC

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    I'll second that!!, You would not want to ruin someones Yard:nono:
  5. Perfect Lawn

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    You dont want to kill the yard that I will be mowing every week....
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    Just answer his question.....you professionals on here like to shut us little guys down....He didn't ask if he was going to get in trouble if he laid it down....he asked HOW he should lay it down
  7. echeandia

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    Maybe, just maybe he doesn't know he will get in trouble for applying pesticides. Do you want to pay his fine? Regarding the application of the fertilizer, I don't have any advice for him except to get the book Lawns, Your Guide to a Beautiful Yard by Nick Christians.
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    With all do respect for the "little guy"

    Read the label, call someone in your area, you should get licensed because they teach you this.

    This is a "starting a landscape business" thread which has nothing to do with business.


    there is your answer.
  9. echeandia

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    Huh? What are you talking about?
  10. Lawnboy85

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    You are exactly right. The big guys like to shut all the little guys down. I have 46 yards and one cemetery, with only about 10-12 of my customers being weekly jobs. I'm still very young and have lots of experience to gain. I am working my way up the professional ladder.

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