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We are currently reaching out to landscaping companies who do not have a fertilizing division and are interested in offering a fertilizing program to their customers. With the new law, as of 2010, if a company does not have a pesticide license they cannot advertise or have any sort of fertilizing in their business name.

Standard operating procedures for subcontracting:
MDA will allow an unlicensed firm (contractor) to subcontract the application of pesticides as long as: The contractor does not advertise the application of pesticides as part of their business;and the contractor must make the property owner or property manager aware in a written bid that they will subcontract pesticide applications to a licensed PAB firm which must be identified in the bid. *Please note that there are more laws and regulations, we found those to be the most important*

Quality Fertilizing would love to help your business with any/all of your fertilizing needs, tree & Shrub care, bug control, etc. Call or email us to get more information!

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Ask for Jeff!:waving:
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wow...if it kills anything then it if you put down weed n feed...guess what? it's a is roundup, grub control, crabgrass pre emergent etc. hope your not putting any of those down (which most ppl are) without a license buddy! derrrrrrr
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