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  1. inside-out

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    i know we have talked about this before, but I can't find the thread. I am working on a estimate that requires fertilizing. I have a industrial park that is about 8.6 acres and I need a price to apply fertilizer and then weed control. HELP?
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    Are you licensed to apply pesticides?thats First,then get insurance to cover yourself,If its your only job ,sub out the weed control and fertilize yourself or sub that out too,8.6 acres is big ,any mistake in calibration by the inexperienced will cost you a lot of money,may end up costing you more than its worth.As for fertilizer-most of mine are running about 9-11 a bag,and ech does 11K sq ft,so 4 bags to the acre,check the prices though urea is up this year,so prices have been higher than last yr.Id buy a pallet,since you'd need about 34 bags and the pallet holds 40. and save at least a buck a bag too.Id charge about 6-700 for that fertilizing job,depending on how hilly and how many trees and obstructions there are.

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  3. Your question is way to vague for me to be able to give you any help.

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  4. lee b

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    Take soil-samples, then you'll know exactly what the grass needs. Take this info. and sq. footage to a reliable dealer and he can tell you material prices. Then figure application cost and profit margin You should make enough to pay for a new pull spreader { and more} on first job. I don't know about where you're at, but you better know regulations.

  5. mouse

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    if you are not lisenced and do this job and get cought !! u may get a worning or a fine!! in my area fines are a lot of $$$$ !! and u could make a mistake and burn grass !!! its not worth it !!! sub it out !! u can find some one to work with u at discount price !!!
  6. lee b

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    Mouse, like I said he needs to know the regulations for his area. I may take it for granted {I farm and spread fertilizer for local farm supply} working with fertilizer takes common sense and is not rocket science. Sure someone can screw-up and miscalulate, but grass is very for-giving. If he needs a liscense then he needs to get that before proceeding any further. The info. I stated was assuming he had his ducks in a row. You need the ability to fertilize to be able to offer full-service lawn care, I believe it's a must have.
  7. jeffyr

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    Did I miss something ?

    He asked for estimating help and everyone assumes he does not have a license ?

    Step 1:

    Inside out--are you licensed to apply what you are asking about ?

  8. Randy Scott

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    inside-out, everyone here is telling you to get your license to apply these items, which is true. But nobody tells you where. If you are not licensed you need to contact your states Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection. It will be in your phone book in the "State Government" section. Just look, you'll find it. Call them and tell them you need the paperwork for a Commercial Pesticide Application License and an Individual Commercial Applicator License which requires a test. One is for your business and one is for you as an applicator and would also be needed for anyone working for you that will apply it. You can either attend a course or have study materials sent to your home with instructions where you can take the test when you think you are ready, most likely a local University. I hope this helps and these are the requirements in my state and may be somewhat different for yours but at least it's a start. And if you're already licensed then I just wasted your time, sorry.
    As far as pricing. I've hooked up with a commercial supplier in my area and he has given me alot of information and suggestions on what products to apply and what time of year and so forth because I am new to this also. I'm building a relationship with him and it has helped alot. I think a soil test is a good way to really find out what you need to apply. You might as well jump into this, you've gotta learn it sooner or later. Just ask questions and take notes, someone in your area will be willing to help you, it might take a few people to talk to until you find the right one, but you should be able to get to that person eventually. Pricing is so different across the states I won't even give you an idea, you have to find out what your market is getting, it's not always that easy though,good luck, hope I helped a little.
  9. jeffyr

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    STEP 2:

    Read his profile--he says he has been is business for 5 years. Just because he recently started posting, everyone is assuming he is wet behind the ears. While this may be true, he has not mentioned this--only asked for estimating advice on a large job.

    (I don't know why I am defending, but why isn't anyone reading and digesting the info in the original post ? )
  10. Randy Scott

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    Yeh, my bad. I think I had a temporary meltdown because it wasn't until after I posted that I read his profile and saw he had been doing it for five years. But that's why I said that if you're already licensed sorry for waisting your time, then proceeded to give my thoughts on pricing. I covered my tracks.

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