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  1. John P.

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    At what level do you need a fertilizer license? I had some one ask me if i would spread a anti crab grass fertilizer, nothing more then just a Scott's brand out of the bag type thing? What should i be careful of?
  2. LawnTamer

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    If you apply a product that contains a registered pesticide (that includes herbicides, pre-ems [like Halts], fungicides etc) for compensation ($$$$$$) then you need to be a licensed applicator. I know it sounds stupid because any homeowner could buy it himself but that's the law. Here in Utah the state has a couple of guys that just drive around checking out mowing outfits checking to see if they are applying fertilizer w/ pre-emergent or weed and feed. They nail them too. I have had my crew stopped and inspected. Luckily I'm licensed and have all my ppe, labels and MSDS's in my truck. If I'm not with the crew that day, then every container w/ pesticides gets pulled from the truck, period. Getting licensed is not that hard, learning to use the stuff right takes some time. Good Luck
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    LawnTamer. you also need to be licensed if you apply for free too, or if you are even spraying iced tea on anything other than your own property which you hold the deed too. Oh, and don't think about spraying iced tea... it's not labeled for that purpose and you could receive a hefty fine for multiple offences then.

    john p. that's a little fuzzy line there. technically in some states you do not need a license to apply straight fertilizer. and herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide. a.k.a pesticides, added to it makes it a combination product and thus you would then need a license. Check with your dept. of agriculture. Don't apply anything if you don't know what you are doing...

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