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    Question regarding fertizilers with a herbicide in it. Like dimension 19-0-6 how do you figure out the percent or lb of nitrogen per 1,000sq it does not say on label . The lb/1000sq of product is 5.73:lb confused:
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    If the bag is telling you to put down 5.73 lbs. of product per 1000 sq. ft. and the analysis on the bag is 19-0-6, then the analysis is telling you that there is 19% N by weight. 19% N times 5.73 lbs of product per 1,000 sq. ft. is 1.09 lbs. of N per 1,000 sq.ft. Hope this helps.


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    I get scared when I see posts like this. I hope you know what ai. you are putting down!!!!!:(

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    ccl keep those thoughts to yourself thank you
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    It means apply at a rate of 5.73 lbs. per 1K. Thats seems high to me.

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    What do you mean? :confused:

    The active ingrident per acre is what needs to be looked at first then the amount of N are you split apping or single app at .172 getting between .375 and .5 ai down is the point I'm trying to make. Then build the nutrients around that
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    You are absolutely right on this matter, and the other thing to consider, is what IS it? Are we talking slow release, or fast release? BIG difference in danger zone of burning conditions!

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    Bingo Runner!!!!!
  9. LOL. If I am not mistaken that product is from Lesco.

    And with my experiance using that much "N" in the spring to apply the correct rate of Dimention, you will be mowing every other day. Doesn't matter how under fed the lawn is. A Pound of "n" is almost more than what you need for the entire Spring and a small transistion to the lawns top growth slowing down .

    FYI that's 252.12# of product per an acre.

    BTW keeping those thought to our self would keep other that don't know from learning.
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    figured that.....

    I love these suppliers that tell people to put x amount of product down. Since I have been on this site, I have been amazed at how many LCO's don't understand the importance of knowing what they are putting but simply going on supplied info. I see why PLCAA must spend so much on lobbying in Washington to keep us all in business. Not trying to put anyone down, but this type of thing frys me. Doing nothing more than reading the bag like at home depot that says COVERS 5,000 SQFT. But we have a license. Right?

    I do enjoy it when I question a supplier and watch them squirm when they realize you have a clue!!!!!

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