Fertlizer guys....morons?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAExmark1, Jul 16, 2008.

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    You know, i have been running the lawn crew for a close friends company for 2 seasons now, and, it seems like fertilizer guys push their own shortcomings off on us, constantly. For example, just a couple weeks ago, a customer calls us up, she lives in a BIG sub with several high dollar houses we cut in there (9 total), and tells us her fertilizer guy told her, that the reason she has weeds in her lawn, is because the lawn guys (us) cut her grass too short and with dull blades. Now, we change our blades 2-3 times a week depending on grass conditions, but we ALWAYS change them the night prior to going this sub, because we cut several lawns on this particular day, including this sub. Obviously we dont change blades before going to this sub, but her lawn is probably the 4th-5th lawn of the day, because we have 2 mowers and use diff ones to mix it up, i try to save one or the other for this place in particular. As far as cutting it too short, i know diff lawns different heights are often required, however, this is a lawn we were cutting on 3 and 3/4's originally with an exmar, we moved up to 4 on it because she complained, and it had been on 4 for a WHILE before the fert guy incidenent, and now im cutting it on 4.25" and to me it looks bad. Anyone else have fert guys doing this to them?
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    That is their standard response. I've had to deal with these guys laying that crap on my customers for years.

    Whenever they don't know the answer to a question, they always say it is because the landscaper is using dull blades.

    Remember, a lot of these guys are 19-year-old kids who are put through a one-day training course, given a truck and a route and sent on their merry way.

    I looked long and hard to find a real pro to do all my spraying and fertilizing. He's been in the business about 20 years and knows what he's doing. I send work his way, and he sends lawn cutting my way.
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    totally agree man, these people are allowed to fert way to early, i mean i know its only grass at the end of the day, but i think a lot of people would be shocked at how OBSESSED with how many people are anal about their lawns. This was not the first time ive had fert guys throw blame on me, it was just the fact that i always use good blades in this place, AND that i had been cutting it on a 4 already that made it funny.
  4. LAExmark1

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    where is the delete button, hahahahhaa. dang typos are a job to fix.
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    I don't have that problem cuz I am also the fert guy. Only thing I run into at times is hot weather and the lco - if I can call a few that - cut way to short and before you know it I have to deal with weeds - especailly along the walks,drive, etc where they beat it to death with a trimmer.

    Now my lawn care accounts and fert accounts - never a problem cuz we see it at either end of a visit.
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    There are lousy fert guys and companies, there are lousy LCO's. That's why I do both. The buck stops with me. If there is a problem, it's MY problem. That's how I sell my service, too. BTW, I cut at 3"s. I'de rather go up another 1/4", but my machine takes some time to change, so I picked an average for what's best for all my customers.

    JUST SAYING that mowing height is the reason for weeds is incompetant, unless the lawn was getting scalped. Even MORE so the comment about dull blades.... that one is a doozey! The weeds are there most likely because the root system isn't deep or strong enough, for whatever the reason (likely the fert guy) and maybe irrigation issues, if the soil is OK.
  7. quickmow

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    Offer both Mowing and fert, and tell the lady you know how to kill weeds and she should hire you for that too!
  8. LAExmark1

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    Im not gonna say we never whip to short, im constantly on my guys about that, but when its 90 degrees and ur several lawns into a day, or on your 4th 5th house subs we do, they often drop the whip head and dont focus enough on the height they are whipping, but moreso, getting it done. But yea, they were talkin bout weeds in the "field" of the lawn, and as i said above, blades were ok, and height was pretty high, by most standards.
  9. LAExmark1

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    yea well im not the owner of the company i work for, i simply run the lawn crew. I've brought the idea of fertilizing up, but the cost of doing so, and our lack of people to do it usually results in a not doing it.
  10. Ted Bell

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    Totally agree. Fert advice is far from accurate most of the time and LCOs end up having to justify themselves and their services.

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