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  1. Sterling

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    Iwould like to know Chemlawns fertlizing.Iunderstand they have great looking lawns .how many times do they fert.
  2. Skookum

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    From my experinces with TruGreen ChemLawn they like to say they can only give those great results with 6-7 spray applications. I personally do not like to be forced to mow that often just to maintain the properties appearence from the over excess of growth.

    I believe most universites suggest one time feeding in the Fall is sufficient. I like 4 apps of granular myself. That is what I qoute on full service accounts.
  3. Rodney Anderson

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    Come to Ohio and see how much of a bad job Tru-Green Chemlawn is doing around here. I believe there doing so many application to property to, one: take advantage of the customer, two: in many instances they are applying applications three to four weeks apart and finally the biggist problem that we see here in this state is price gouging, so they'll do a persons lawn 6-7 times a year for the same amount I may do the with 5 applicatios and the home owner thinks he's getting a deal but ineesence their getting to much or not what they are really paying for.
  4. greengeezer

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    replying to this thread could open up a lot of old wounds regarding TG/CL,having worked for both the old and new company. The bottom line is you want to know how to get a good looking lawn. The number of applications per year is not as important as what is applied and how much and what results you're expecting or selling. Will one feeding work? Sure. Will the lawn look like Pebble Beach or Augusta National? Of course not.
    Golf courses can feed greens every two weeks. They spoon feed the greens to maintain a steady supply of food without flushes of growth. They moniter the greens needs by soil test or clipping yealds( they weigh the clippings). A happy medium is what your market will bare. I know of companies that apply every month. The total N output is still the same as the 4,5,6 & 7 companies. Their selling point is that they are on the lawns more often to spot problems before they get out of hand. It's also more profitable for them and profit is not a dirty word. I hope this helps but I can see how this may only confuse you more. There is no real right or wrong answer to how often to fertilize. The results are all that count.

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