fescue/ ability to produce rhizomes

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    we are using trophy this seacon..it has 30% grande tall fescue :blob3:
    i think it will work out well in a overseeding this season,,..

    :cool2: Seed Research of Oregon is proud to announce that Grande Tall Fescue has been granted a Plant Variety Protection Certificate (PVP) by the United States Department of Agriculture (PVP Certificate Number 9500126). Grande, developed by Dr. Leah Brilman, Seed Research's Plant Breeder and Director of Research, was granted the PVP based, among other things, on its unique ability to produce rhizomes. A rhizome is a specialized stem that acts as an energy storage organ and means of propagation. In space plantings Grande has been shown to produce rhizomes on up to 67% of the plants. In addition to rhizomes, Grande has very high levels of Endophyte.
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    Sounds like something to check out since I primarily use tall fescue. Where do you purchase in your area and how much cost per pound?
  3. My understanding is: The amount of rhizomes that a tt tall fescue produce is NO match to kentucky bluegrass plant!
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    Nope, not even close, but a hybrid of a bunch type growth habit and a prostate is an interesting concept!
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    i saw a tall fescueblend today.fescue/bluegrassblend .iwonder how it would hold up to the heat this year.pricey!seems like all seed prices jumped 10bucks more this year ,my prices are going up. payup

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    here is what i have been using and it works great

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