Fescue/Blue Grass Weed Control

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by dan82775, Jun 29, 2013.

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    No it doesn't...
    The key is whether a fresh app in the Spring spurs new growth of green, causing the carbs to burn out before the root mass is done with its growth spurt...
    Springtime is for the growth spurt of roots, NOT greenery,, with stored CARBS as the energy source, not N... even low N...
    Beside OM in the Spring is not going to be active anyways,,, so why would we start messing with the turf just as soon as the grass is waking up from Winter...
    So it is NOT very beneficial,,, unless there is something in the following article that the OSU didn't get quite right... :)
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    Huh? I don't think you even comprehend what you read or what you type. It's a never ending circle of BS from you. You're the guy trash talking EPA and local municipal workers then you want to quote an article from OSU? I don't get it. They're not talking about organically treated lawns in that article. Do you apply 1lb per k as a winterizer? I hope not. Also, organic lawns don't go through the spring push as the article states either.

    Organically treated lawns are not being force fed, the microbes will determine what's needed and what is not. Early spring has a pretty broad definition. If you're the guy doing you're early spring apps on Valentine's Day then there's a good chance you're not on this forum talking about organics.
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    Thanks Natty.

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