Fescue in Meyer Zoysia

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bamaturfguy, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. bamaturfguy

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    I am looking for the best/cheapest way to remove Fescue from Zoysia. I have an area that had seeded Tall Fescue and later on it was sprigged with Zoysia. The Fescue was not properly killed off and now I have a beautiful zoysia lawn but every year about this time....you guessed it...Fescue pops up everywhere. I have heard of revolver but dont want to sell my house just to purchase this stuff. Will it harm the Zoysia to spray a non-selective herbicide when it is dormant and when the ground temp is high enough? Any ideas? Thanks in advance! :wall
  2. benjammin

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    I always refer to the NC State/Ag Ext Turf files, looks like you can treat active or dormant zoysia:
    Another common question we receive: “Does bermudagrass or zoysiagrass need to be dormant to apply simazine or atrazine?” NO! Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass DO NOT need to be dormant prior to the application of atrazine or simazine but should not be applied after January 01 each year to avoid the potential of delaying spring greenup.
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    Spend the money on revolver, It's well worth it. You run the risk of dead spots in the spring, spraying a non-selective if not completely dormant turf.
  4. bamaturfguy

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    Anyone know of a place online to buy a pint or maybe even a qrt of Revolver? The local lesco has a qrt but it was above $300.
  5. grassman177

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    i tried the whole dormant round up spray and did get dead spots int he spring. woops, i have never even looked further as no one here wants to spend the money on an app of say revovler. it does not seem improtant enough to spend the money on to most, but i would like to see what it could do.
  6. ted putnam

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    If you are absolutely sure it is Fescue and not some type of KBG or Rye that is being misidentified, Image(Imazaquin) will control Tall Fescue. Follow label directions and use surfactant.

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