Fescue making a mess!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 25nbl, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Are there any special blades for cutting winter rye or fescue to keep the grass from clumpping? I go through this every October and November and usually in March and April. The grass grows so fast and the lawnmower clumps all over the place and then I have to spend so much time blowing all the clumps? Is there any secret to this or is this just part of the job this time of year?
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    What!? You say I'm making a mess? I guess you are right, I do seem to make a mess quite a bit. And when I'm not making my own mess I seem to step into somebody (or something - as in a dog!) elses mess! In fact, I seem to have people make a mess of something and call me to fix the mess and I end up making my own mess that I have to clean up. And to think I even get paid to make the mess in the first place.............wow, thats messed up...........sounds like my life is one big mess!

    Anybody else this messed up besides BobbyGedd??? :dizzy:

    Fescue (What a mess!) Farmer
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    Now about the grass clumping problem...........let me preface this by saying that your problem is a good problem to have! I wish all my accounts were thick fescue!.............try a double blade setup, or maybe even a combination of your current blade with a Gator Magnum on top. If you get a clean cut on the first pass, you can raise the deck as high as it will go and make a speedy second pass - this seems to help diffuse clumps. And take note on how far you are discharging the grass - is the majority of it landing one stripe away, two stripes away, three..etc..? Because this will determine on your second pass if you should simply turn around and mow the pattern backwards, or if you should transport back to the original starting point again. In other words, you always want to be discharging the majority of clumps toward the turf that you have yet to pass over so the clumps can get mulched and dispersed again and again. I hope that makes sense, because it does help to note these things and act accordingly to prevent having to go over it a third or a fourth time when the fescue is out of control and thicker than Grandma's sausage gravy!

    Again, I'd rather have the problem of dealing with thick fescue any day! I hate thick crabgrass and dalis grass with a passion - tough and stringy that leaves little "tumbleweeds" everywhere...................fescue is nice and soft and leaves great stripes!!!!!

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