Fescue not working out. Time to overseed?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Enormo, Sep 13, 2009.

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    In the early spring I planted Pennington Tall Fescue in my small yard in Baltimore. Granted, it hasn't had a year to grow but I've had pretty mixed results. The grass planted in the shade (only an hour or two of morning sun) is lush, green and grows tall. The grass that gets a full day sun is short, turns over a lot of brown blades and is generally not very healthy looking. (The package said it was a fescue blend that does well in full sun to partial shade.) I've been watering when the topsoil is no longer moist.

    Here are a couple of pics of Sun vs. Shade.





    So doing some reasearch I've read that fescue generally does better in cool and shade. So I'm guessing I need to find a seed that handles sun better and then reseed in the next week before it gets later in the year.

    Any recommendations for seed? Any good places I can do some research on types of seed and reseeding?

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    Mowing a bit shorter this time of year is better and we use creeping red fescue, KBG, and perennial rye mixtures for the sunny blend.
    Promote deeper root growth with a fall fertilization and no more NPK in the spring till about May. How are the roots of the fescue? In each different area?
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    Gotcha on the mowing.

    How deep should I go to sample the roots. Will help me guage how wide of a sample to remove.
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    I am in Parkville if you need any help, PM me.

    The type of seed has nothing to do with any issues you are having, tall fescue is perfectly suited for this area. Now I would receommend a different brand seed that is for sure.

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