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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by malliso, Apr 4, 2005.

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    Last fall I planted my fathers lawn with rebel exeda fescue.The next door neighbors lawn was encroaching upon our property,which is zoysia.I am using a 5step fert plan and it is looking and thickening up very nice.Today I was over where the zosia used to be and our fescue is now and noticed a couple of the tips of my fescue was brown,not from blade cut but rather an inch or so more..My question is about the brown tips,,,,,what is causing it?could it be the zoysia coming back in?I didnt spray the old lawn to kill it because I found there to be around 30 percent fescue in the lawn...could it be getting robbed of nutrients from the zoysia?or a disease?
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    Pull a blade with it on there and take it to your local ag. extension office if possible.

    this could be one on many things (DISEASE POSSILBE)
    hope this helps!!
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    if they have a yard full of zoysia, you'll have it whether you want it or not.
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    I recently had a stand of fescue with the same brown tip problem. It was not a disease, as we don't ususally see that in early Spring.

    I found some good reference photos somewhere on the web (can't remember now) that suggested either a potassium or iron deficiency. Looking at my last series of applications, it appeared potassium might be the issue. If new growth has a yellow appearance, you might have the same problem.

    I applied 5-10-31 with 10% Iron, and now the yellow tip problem is completely gone. It was most likely potassium, but the Iron always helps mask other problems.

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