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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by landl, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Does anyone have experience with Southern Gold Fescue Blend? I live in Richmond, Va. with a yard exposed to full sun. The soil is sandy clay and my soil test indicates organic content around 3%, pH 6.0. I bought calcitic lime to raise the calcium. I bought organic fertilizer too. Any help or advice?
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    The cultivars in Southern Gold performed well in the ntep trials (www.ntep.org) in Blacksburg. I think it's quality blend for off-the-shelf. I used it last year and had some success. I didn't have my irrigation system then, and my soil wasn't right, so I'm not blaming Southern Gold on the lack of full success. I've noticed that they have changed the cultivars that make up Southern Gold since then too, so check the label.

    In short, check the cultivars in the bag on ntep to make sure they perform well. Brown patch rating is something you need to be concerned with in this area.

    I am using Greenview Tall Fescue mix this fall for a big time renovation. It contains Picasso, Masterpiece, Rembrandt, and DaVinci. I'm excited about it.

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