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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I keep the deck as clean as possible. I also keep the blades sharp but they are starting to get a little worn down so I think it is time for a new set. Where would be a good place to get a set of high lift blades from?
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    Just wanted to mention I don't disagree with what others were saying. Your deck probably doesn't have very good suction, especially at that mowing height. The best you can probably do is mow as low as possible, keep the deck clean and get a new set of blades that have a nice square tip on them. I usually just buy my blades at my dealer but have mail ordered them before from Jack's Small Engines.
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    This is the very reason almost every trailer here is full of exmark mowers with the ultracut deck. They create a tremendous amount of vacuum which stands the fescue up so it can be cut cleanly. Other mowers do well here also including the cub commercial Tank we had but almost everybody here runs exmark and scag. I can ride by a lawn and tell you if it was cut with a scag. Scags around here leave a shaggy looking cut.

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