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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by M&S landscaping, Jun 10, 2009.

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    wish i could have made this walkway a little more detailed, i tried to convince the customer. but i still like how it came out. i am adding in a cobble apron in the driveway. i will have pics


    cormier 011.jpg

    cormier 014.jpg

    cormier 007.jpg
  2. Steiner

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    Lines look good in the patio/walk but your base looks less than desirable. I would put in at least a 6" base of heavily compacted run and crush (gravel with fines included) then angular concrete sand as per ICPI guidelines. Using a good quality geotextile fabric may also help reduce callbacks and settling.

    New construction near houses is tough, I like to wait a year or 2 as the area around the house settles due to excavation usually about 3' away from all exterior walls. You may have some settling occur.
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    Looks as though there is no base product other than the screenings used for bedding. I would be worried with new construction settling even with geotextile fabric, proper base product/thickness, and bedding sand.....so for you to ignore aspects of the job I am worried you will get settling issues. Lucky for you it is only a small area. I do really like the variations of color in the pavers!!!
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    thanks for the feedback! dont be misguided by the how the base looks infront of the walk. there is a 8'' base compacted under the walk. i threw down what you see infront because the driveway has not gone in yet so i wanted a smooth transition to the walk.
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    how are those cobbles gonna stay put when they were just laid on the ground?

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