Few pictures of truck, condo complex, broken glass, and fall flier pdf

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    Havent been on much but a lot of great things and not so great things have happened this season. We have been busy as ever and i havent had my camera with me much so here are some cell phone pictures.

    Also, i will keep this thread updated with the fall pictures. Right now i am getting a swing away mount for my leaf loader fabricated for the back of my dump truck so i can have the trailer still behind the truck when the loader is working. And also i will get some pictures of the leaf box up here as well as soon as we get it built.

    The first picture of the broken doorwall is something my employee failed to tell me about until the client called blowing up my phone. Second is my back truck window shattered. The idiot on the hi low loading my tthp in the back of my bed, loaded it in handles first and didnt realize how short my bed was and pushed the glass right inside of the cab and shattered the window.

    Here is a picture of my dump truck right now. Put the diamond plate tool boxes on finally and got the airbags installed as well. Sandblasted the bed and repaired some deep rust then bed lined the entire thing. Held up great throwing cement on it for two days straight, not even a chip . Its about 1/4" thick.

    I will slowly add pictures as i take them from the remainder of the year. We picked up some great accounts and dropped a lot of PITA accounts. Also had both baggers for the tthp's stolen out of the truck last week. Anyone know a good bagger thats not gonna break the bank like the accelerators?









    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here are the afters after the bed liner was applied.

    My new to me boat. 2010 27' sea ray SLX with 11 hours on it when i purchased it





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    here is a better shot of the simple but effective fall clean up and snow plowing flier i made up. printed 1500 sheets of (three on each sheets) 3x8.5 (4500 total handouts)

    For 80 dollars

    Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 11.39.22 PM.png
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    were did you get all of those for 80 bucks?
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    The dump truck has turned out quite well since you've got it. What bedliner did you put in the back?
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    I really like the flyer!
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    Pretty nice boat, what kind of engine is in it?
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    Thats a nice looking dump truck. I'd be proud to call it mine. Whats the story on the broekn sliding door. Rock get shot out of a mower into it?

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    My dads office:) I bought the paper, he printed them out for me with there huge ass copier.

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    i actually got it on ebay. Its the most durable product i have ever used and i swear by it, i put it on the underside of my dodge and dump truck chassis as well. Completely undercoated the whole entire trucks and wheel wells also.

    I got this kit and the another 2 gallons of everything(the stuff goes fast and is very thick) One small kit would cover my dump truck with about 1/16" of product.


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