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    What is the class structure like? How many times do you meet per week, for how long? What are your ID classes like? Lecture, hands on with the plants? What are your quizes and test like and how often for the ID classes?

    Anyways, i ordered some company apparel tonight after i have gone way to long without it. I got the final payment for my last irrigation job and decided to reinvest some money in some good uniforms. I bought around 60 long sleeve t's 60 short sleeve t's, 12 hoodies, 12 zip up hoodies, hat's , winter hats, and a bunch of other small stuff like pens and stuff.

    Here are some PDFS of the apparel.

    Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 10.26.47 PM.jpg

    Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 10.26.57 PM.jpg

    Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 10.36.59 PM.jpg

    Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 10.37.04 PM.jpg

    Screen shot 2011-11-13 at 10.46.53 PM.jpg
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    Lovin that tag line. Trademark that ASAP!

    I really don't remember the structure of soil science as it was last spring and.only went until April but I think it was 3 times a week and an hour and a half each.
    The ID classes are lecture and we don't really do anything hands on except looking at trees on campus. The ID quizes kick my ass, knowing the Latin names is what kills me, its usually a picture of the tree and then close up pic of buds and foliage. I do good on the written exams, where you need to know more of the details about the trees such as preferred location, diseases, etc.
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    I am the same way with my woody ID, I know what the plant looks like and the common name but some of the latin names are just way out there and I always get screwed on them. How was soil sciences? I have that next semester. What other landscape related classes are you taking?
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    The one latin I know for sure is Magnolia Stellata, that's about it, pretty much because we just had an ID quiz on the first section of ornamentals and that was one latin that was easy to remember.
    It sucked, not gonna sugar coat it. It wasn't terrible but definitely not my favorite, it depends on the teacher though, mine was weird.
    The other classes I have are Turf & Grounds Management (have to have one turf elective), Woody Plants 1, Hardscapes & retaining walls, and Sports Turf Management (had to add this one to maintain full time status and because I started last spring semester, my scheduling was a$$ backwards and I haven't followed the general schedule for the program but I'll make it work.) I'll be setting up next semester's schedule starting this week.

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    Thanks for the kudos on the shirts, i think they are going to turn out great, i wanted some good color combos so i can wear them other than work. \

    Regarding to the classes: Thats the problem. The hort. program i am in isnt set up correctly IMO. i would love to have class three times a week to givem e more time to review the subject matter each week. We have it once a week, for 4 hours. We have a quiz at the beginning of each class and then get lectured on each of the next 10 plants/shrubs/trees for 3 and a half hours with a 15 min break. There is no time during the week to ask questions or talk with a teacher. Pretty much have 12 quiz's throughout the semester worth 75% of your grade, and then after the first 6 quiz's there is a test on those 60 plants, then again at the end of the semester on the last 60 plants. AND THE CLASSES ARE ONLY 3 CREDITS, so you have to take 4 classes per semester to be considered full time and 5 classes to graduate in the time requirement.

    Magnolia Stellata : Star Magnolia

    I think my favorite latin names are Thornless Honeylocust: Gleditsia triacanthos inermis

    and i like the birches too. River Birch, European white birch, Paper Birch, Yellow Birch, Mountain Paper Birch and Cherry Birch. I like all the latin names to these! Haha:hammerhead:

    I just signed up for classes last week. Next semester i am going to be taking a computer class(general ed) Comp II(general ed), Accounting 1820(for finance pre req), Journalism III(gen ed), and Nursery Practices II

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    Classes for accounting meet 8-9:15a.m M/W/F
    COMP II is all online
    Journalism is 10-11:30 T/TH
    Accounting meets 9:30-11:20 M/W
    Nursery Practices II is 6-9:30 on Tuesday at night
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    What'd you pay for the shirts and who did you go through?

    That is f@cked up! Where do you go to school? I'm not really a fan of the 3-4 hr classes, I'm falling asleep after the first hour and a half.
    Right now I have this set up:
    Monday - Turf & Grounds management 8-9am, woody plants 1 9-10, hardscapes 10-11, & sports turf 11-12
    Tues - Turf & grounds management 8-9, woody 9-10, hardscapes 10-12 (lab day, basically giving us more time to get stuff done, the sports tues class still goes but I miss it and the teachers are fine with it as they're all in the same dept.)
    Wed - sports turf 11-12, the class started in Oct so we meet 4 days a week.
    Thurs - turf and grounds 8-9, woody 9-10, and sports turf 11-12.

    The honey locust Latin is also my teacher's favorite lol.

    All my generals are done for my associates in Hort, not sure what classes ill be taking next sem, ill take a look tmrw morning. I'm deff gonna try to get into an accounting class also.
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    I know its truely ****** up. So pretty much you have mon, tues and thurs full day of class(4 hrs or so) and then wed and fri you have a light day?

    I like your schedule. The 3-4 hour classes are definitley a deal breaker though. It seems like most of the classes in my program are like that. Thats the reason i am switching to finance at a real university next semester.

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    i got the shirts and appareal thorugh Bluecotton.com I used a coupon code too and got 5% off my entire order. I ordered around 150 items. Sweatshirts were at 23 ish, t shirts were at around 7 ish, hats were at 10 ish, then i ordered the pens and giveaways at queensboro and got a emboridered polo/button up shirt from them as well.
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    I don't have class on Fridays, its pretty sweet, that's all across the Hort program of no classes on fridays but next semester that won't be the case I'm sure kuz we have some classes that go from Jan to may and Jan to April, then there's a couple 6 week classes that go from April 1 to may 12-15, it sucks ass! 30 class hours to get 48 class hours worth of work done
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