Few pictures of truck, condo complex, broken glass, and fall flier pdf

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    I also forgot to mention I have a turf diseases class that is online.

    Change of plans, seems like my program got rid of that 6 week garbage time class scheduling. My plans for spring sem are (I'm exhausted while writing this so I don't know the times and days) plant pests 2 (4 cred), woody plants 2 (shrubs, 3 cred), plant science (online, 3 cred), landscape CAD (3 cred) and then my required internship (6 credits) which i plan to have my company qualify for that. All the classes except the plant sci end march 30. Then next fall I'll have herbaceous plant materials (3 cred), intro to turf and grounds management (3 cred, and yes it seems pretty much the same as my class I have right now but I had to take enough to be full time), plant production (4 cred), and I think another internship that is 2 cred and after all that I should be able to graduate! Of course by then ill be mid way through my 4th yr of college which kinda bums me out but w.e.

    After graduating w/ Hort degree its off to either the u of m or metro state university to major in either accounting or finance, still don't know yet. Ny biggest hoop is the math class prerequisites it takes to be able to get into the higher level accounting/finance classes... :(
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    I can understand your frustration with how slow it is to go to school . I got it in my head that i was done with school in HS. but that is just the begining. My plan for the next 3 years is to take business classes full time(starting next fall) and take one hort class per semester to graduate the hort degree the same time i am getting a b.a. in Finance
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    Unfortunately/fortunately it is just the beginning, depending on the way one looks at it. But I really want to pursue finance or accounting, not sure which direction yet. However I do need to get a new truck and want to buy a house, my parents made it clear that if I were to buy a new truck I'd have to be house shopping also. Regardless, to earn the money to pay for both will require lots of work, which then in turn makes it so I can't study as much, hurting my grades, and the vicious up and down cycle begins....

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