Few pictures of truck, condo complex, broken glass, and fall flier pdf

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    I had to get it from one of the neighbors who saw the whole things. Both employees were in the back yard, one mowing and one trimming. The trimmer shot a rock and it hit. They supposedly both saw it, stopped and looked at it laughing, then kept working like nothing happened. Didn't tell me anything and didnt' knock on the customers door either.

    It was a brand new installed door and only cost me 180 bucks to fix it. The customer wanted all my insurance information and i told her to get a quote because i will pay out of pocket up to 1000 dollars before i involve insurance. Sure enough its one of the cheapest windows made for a sliding door and you can replace just the pain itself.

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    it has the merc 8.2L Bravo right around 425 hp

    Goes right around 55mph.

    New it costs around $84,000 and i got it with 11 hours on it from a bankruptcy for $36,000!

    It stays at my cottage which is owned by my uncle, aunt, and dad and all four of us split the cost so it just stays up there but i'm the only one who can trailer it anywhere.

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    thanks man

    i wanted them to be simple n easy read
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    what program did you use for your fliers?

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    Microsoft Word.

    I have been using it my entire life and it still has its horrible points of moving the format around as you go. I know word like the back of my hand and it works very well until you want to design a logo or swooshes or lines like my other advertisments. Then i have to go to my logo design software.

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    Fliers look Great!!

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    Thanks man,

    Here is the picture of my swing away mount if they will load.




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    Looks good,fall flier looks sweet!
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    Looks pretty sweet. Have you tried the leaf loader yet? I just bought the same one but electric start. I cant wait to try it out.

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    i used it all last year. Didnt really buy into the huge ratio of shredded leaves because when dumping they are all pretty solid, if not 1/2 the size, not 16 times smaller like billy goat represents.

    I really wish i got the electric start as its a pain in the ass to start from an awkward angle and starting it so many times in the day.

    You will love it if you:
    1) Make zero to no extra length in discharge chuts(i found that the longer the shoot at the exhaust end of the 7" diameter exhaust elbow they give you, the better you will be. I had a ton of clogs last year right after the green tubing and this year i am having the tube go right into the truck with no tubular extension after the elboy)
    2) Make sure you are running at full power and your throttle and governer are tuned right. Last year i was running it at about half throttle for 2 weeks and almost returned it.
    3) Make sure you clean the air filter once a day with compressed air. Leaves fly everywhere if they are dry
    4) Make sure your box that your loading in has proper ventilation and is big enough so you dont do one clean up and have to dump.
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