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    Thats exactly how i feel. If i can manage to have my business throughout college that would be ideal. I think once i pay off my debt($9,000) right now, i would be much happier, but everything costs so much to run a business. I could pay it off right now,but id rather have it in 401k and investments and just pay small payments each month.

    The way i see it, once i get out of college and have a 4 year degree(maybe an mba or masters) i will be able to grow to where i want to be and have the means to do it. If landscaping isnt for me, i will sell my liquid assets, sell my accounts and contracts, and find a job that gives me the time to be with family as well as take care of the financial situation as well.

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    Hey man, good for you that you got through college. Thats where i want to be, but i would rather have a degree in business than landscaping. Not to knock you or anything and if you love is in landscaping thats a great degree.

    In highschool, i thought it was so cool to have a business, and awesome truck, a great gf, and to be grown up. Now i wish i enjoyed my highschool years more, and work a lil less. My bank accounts dissagre but i would rather have less money and more of a child hood looking back on it now. I started acting and living like an adult as soon as i got my license and truck.

    I guess there is nothing wrong with growing up and starting a business so young and having to ability to purchase a house in cash when im 22 would be the best situation ever but money isnt everything and greed takes a lot of choices away from us.
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    Just relax man! :)

    You are still at a point in your life where you have options. Considering you are running what appears to be quite a successful business and going to school fulltime and managing to have as much of a "life" as you can outside of your work/education, stress is something that comes with the territory (I'm sure you know that already though). Your choice to continue your education and actually get a degree (and one that actually means something) is awesome.

    The best advise I can give you is to do something that doesn't involve work or school. I know it may be tough to find time in your busy schedule but find a "hobby" or something that you enjoy doing outside of work and do that every week. Whether it be something like karate, softball, collecting something, etc., you just need to find something to take your mind off things.

    For me, my Fire/EMS career is somewhat of my "get away". While it can be stressful doing the training and continuing education, it all is worth it. When we have that medical emergency call at 11pm for an elderly person in cardiac arrest, that is my get away. When I am running that call, everything else in life seems to just go away...I don't have to think about that test I have in class in 2 days, I don't have to worry about the 5 page paper I have to write for my ethics class, I just have to think about the scenario right in front of me. Even though I am paid to do this stuff, I use it as my get away a lot and it takes my mind off other things in life.

    I really think you will benefit greatly if you can find something to take your mind off things. Just do it a little bit every week to help keep your stress levels down.
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    I feel the same way about growing up. Seems like I worked full time in the summer months since I was 15 or 16. Even now as I'm still in college its hard for me to have the energy to go out at ten at night with friends after working and going to school for six days and waking up at 6 in the morning. The landscape architect thing is very different from anything else landscaping. As far as my degree choice its something that would still allow me to work in a landscape related field but without all the hard manual labor. My only problem is that I can't see myself sitting in an office 40 hours a week on a computer doing drawings.

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    Hey brad,

    Thats some of the best advice i could get. I was just thinking back about why i liked having a business in highschool so much. It was becuase my hobby was making peoples yards look great. While the money was there and i didnt have to get a job someplace else, i love owning equipment, not having any payments and no worries.

    I think that is where my problem is. Landscaping was my thing to get away from it all, to listen to my ear buds/radio while im working, my mind was blank and i was just enjoying life. Now work is to pay the bills and have money to entertain myself on the weekends. When i am working, i am always thinking of ways to better my company and stressing about how long the work is taking.

    I need to take a step back after this season is wrapped up and take a good look at my companies figures and how can i turn this business into something i enjoy again. I think my biggest problem is monthly payments (insurance, taxes, truck, gas, payroll).

    I think i am going to add to that goal list from earlier. Pay off all my debt and pay for everything yearly upfront so i dont have to worry about it. Then i will pay taxes and do payroll as my only bills. Along with maintenance of coarse.

    About the hobbies as well. I really enjoy going to MSU football and basketball games, as well as baseball and hockey games and go to my college a lot as well. My joy in highschool was playing baseball and i was good. I am a lefty and threw around 85 mph my junior year, actually recruited by Oakland University baseball as a sophmore as well as Hope College. Had a fall out with my coach and quit my senior year because he said that i wouldnt have time for my business. (big mistake on my part, but he told me that if i had my business i couldn't be in the rotation).... the reason being, school went from 7:25-2:55 everyday. We had either practice or a game everyday from 4-7:45 ish and usually would last longer than that. Then on saturdays we would have double headers from 10 am until around 4. So sunday would be really my only day to work(which i did my junior year) but then the huge growth came about and i focused all my energy on making money and growing my company.

    MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE LIFE TO LIVE. I think the next 5 years of my life will be the most important and that is where the stress is going . I always see around me these young hot shot millionaires and i just want that to be me. But in reality, most of them are living off of daddies dime driving lamborginis and range rovers and working their way up in their dads business.

    TIME TO START THINKING REALITY! I come from nothing, trying to make something for myself. Here is where my fortune starts! In landscaping!
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    It definately sounds like you have a lot on your plate, so really anything you can do to make your life easier will surely help out.

    Have you thought of taking a few hours during the weekend to sit down with some friends and watch the MSU football games? Get a few friends together on the weekend for whatever particular game is on that day that you want to watch and just sit back and relax while watching the big game. You can have a little fun with the guys, shoot the breeze for a couple hours and just RELAX.

    I know what its like to try and find a good balance between "work and play". Now, I don't do near the amount of work that you do in landscaping, but I have my fair share of things on my plate and I can honestly tell you that having something to help you relax or take your mind off things really helps keep you going.

    Best of luck to you!!!

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    I didnt make myself clear. I have saturday and most of sunday free. I go to almost every MSU home game and some of the away football games as well. I am complaining way to much, just stressful environment to get work done and try to go to school as well. Usually sunday is my get everything ready, greased, gassed up, and start planning my week. Saturday morning i do a lot of paperwork though.

    There is definitely a time for play with me, its just the play used to be all the time and not its opposite. I am working a lot and studying a lot to make my lfe successful.

    Btw, my dad got me 4 sound off signal 1500 lumen lights for my bday. He said he got them from his buddy(one of him sponsers) from a snow plow distributor in Midland Michigan. Im not sure how much he paid but they are amazing. I think i am going to buy more from you once you get all set up. I saw the new 1500 lumen 4" circle lights that came out, and i really would like a quote on those if you could do that for me brad.

    Thanks man for your time and help,

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    I'm in a similar position as you with the coming from having nothing and building a fortune starting with landscaping. Next step is a business venture I'm starting with a very good friend of mine in 2012 that will be more towards construction & excavating and eventually motocross track design & construction and who knows from there. There is no limit to what you can do.

    As for the baseball thing, I guess you just live and learn. You could have gotten hurt playing and ended that career and instead you chose to build a business, mistake? I'd think not. But that's my opinion.

    If you're looking for a great hobby that would allow you to forget everything. Buy a dirtbike and riding gear and start riding/racing. Nothing in the world can describe the feeling of being 4th gear wide open on a 450 4-stroke up a hill to hit a 110ft triple at the top.
    Not my vid but explains it.

    But after reading about your business I'm thoroughly impressed, especially that you're only 22, I'm 20 btw.

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    Thanks for. The kudos, i would love to set up another businness venture, i love construction and everything to do with carpentry, i do it more as a hobby for family and friends doing gaarage set ups with shelving any everything. I love dirt birking and snowmobiling also. As for the age, i am only 19, not 22. But same difference. What are your plans for the excavation business
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    I thought I had read somewhere in here that you're 22, that's even more impressive!! I wish I would've started my business earlier but thinking back I really didn't know as much as I would have needed to know back in high school and I'm doing alright where I'm at.

    For the excavation portion we're planning on doing city sewer/waterline hook-ups to start, PM me for more info on the rest of that as it is kind of a niche thing that I'd rather not post to an open forum.

    I'd just like to skip to 5-6 yrs down the road where we have the $$ to purchase the heavy equipment it takes to build motocross tracks as it's been my dream for a few years to have my own race track as well as a traveling race series.

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