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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by rwaters, Feb 23, 2010.

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    I own a mower dealership and have a customer that is having a clumping problem under the mower deck. I have tried the modeck and some other things that just dont work and was going to try ff. But I have a few questions

    1 where would I find the spray gun to provide it to all of my clients at spring service.

    2 would a sample can do a 48" deck to show a customer it works?

    3 how often do you have to coat your decks for great use, I have a lot of commercial customers that I am sure would love to join the ff army if this is as good as you say it is.

    4. what would it take to become a dealer, I have used ff before in robotics just never in the garden industry(for the most part it is hard to find)
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    Posted by me in the re-app post
    Hi Dan, ok let me set you stright. On a brand new deck (well what i did was take some 800 grit and lightly scuff up the bottom of the deck and then brush on FF nice and thick)
    Now Mysteryman I know you might not want to do that, so get a gallon and a cheap brush and slap it on the deck. Just so you know when you get the Grandstand, you can stand it up on its back, to make it easy. take your blades off first, Take the blade bolts and degrease the bolts, apply FF to bolts and set aside. Next apply to the blades after you sharpen and balance them for the first time. Now you are ready to apply to the deck, slap it on there, make sur you get it good and thick around the spindles, cause thats were the grass likes to stick. put blades on and now you are done with the deck. Now next take the rear wheels off and apply to the back of the wheels, you will thank me later makes it very easy to clean. Then apply to any other spots you want. Oh one thing take the leg pad down and spray the cables and all the controls.

    Also what we do is power wash all decks in the spring with simple green and some bleach. let dry, brush on heavy, in April. in May we just power wash and apply agian and then about every two months after that tell the next year
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    Thanks for the repost!

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    Dano would be the man to help you with most of these questions, but lets see if I can help a little.

    The spray gun you would be looking for is on kellsport.com. Here is the link http://www.kellsportproducts.com/Spraygun.html

    A sample can would probably do a 48" deck. It might be a lighter coating than I would usually use but it should be enough.

    I coat it like a week before the season..(before heavy use) to let it soak in, than I give it one more good coat. Than technically you probably don't have to put it on again for a month. But I try to give it a quick weekly spray to keep up on it.

    Hope that helped a little.:)
  5. rwaters

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    Thank you that helped a lot, I am thinking of selling cans to customers mainly but if they want gallons far be it from me to turn them down. I just wanted an economical way to do it for everyone, as it might be a good service for home-owners in the spring when the grass is wet.

    Also for my demo units so I can clean them up faster.....:drinkup:

    I figure if I do it on my demos though I have to sell them with ff on them so the owner does not have to do it himself. I also think it would be easer to do on the lift.

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    No problem...I personally like the gallons and the cans....I use the gallons w/ the gun when I'm doing bigger apps such as all my mowers, and bigger things, and I use the cans for quick smaller applications.

    Another cool thing about Fluid Film is that you can wipe down the machines with it and it will shine them up real nice. It should clean up your demo units really nice.

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    you want to use any standard air powered undercoating gun (available tons of places) or i have read where the wagner power painter works well ( ihave not tried that method) brushing it on from the gallon works just as well. i don't like using the spray can for this app cause the can costs too much for how much you need to use. for best results one should (on average) probably coat the deck after they're weekly route is finished or, after every 5 uses as a home owner however... that is something that is going to depend on too many factors to say it's this this and this every time. wet grass is going to take a toll faster than dry and if you much leaves or have dusty lawns it's going to affect the longevity of the app as well. best advice is to give a generalized time fram but it's something the user will have to figure out what best suits their needs themself. me personally, i scrape the deck of my 32 walk behind after use. i re-apply after every 8-10 uses. i see bill already replied which is good because he has a Z where as i only have the walk behind so now you have opinions on both styles of machines:cool2: you should definitely talk to dano and bob over at kellsport though. dano can tell you what's involved in becoming a dealer and bob can help you with the gun. you wont be sorry if you start selling fluid film trust us:usflag:

    take a look at this too...


    good luck with everything:waving:
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    Thank you very much for your answers, I had seen your mowers just never ran accross an approx amount of FF used. By the way I like the dedication of going out when freezing to coat your truck, your earned your stars on that one. It would be nice to make a sticky post for locations to buy the guns and a list of procedures that you guys have found that works as I have learned a lot reading the forum but I have a feeling a lot of people will not go threw each post to find the info they need.

    Just a thought though.

    Great job and honestly great forum.
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    i need to get me some FF !!!

    SKYNYRD LawnSite Fanatic
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    you're very welcome:waving::waving::waving:

    for the bottom of my 32 i only use a smidgen of fluid film but, keep in mind i made a smaller tip for my undercoating gun. the tip they come with you'll use 1/2 a quart easy which is a waste of material for this app. a gallon on a mower should last you a heck of a long time with just brushing it on tho. last year was my first year using it so it was a lot of trial and error on my part. this year i know what works and will be sticking to it:weightlifter::cool2:

    as for freezing to do the truck... i still aint thawed out completely:cry::laugh::laugh:

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