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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LayoftheLand, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. LayoftheLand

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    I have a 19HP Bobcat in for repair, and its giving me a small problem.

    Numbers are as follows:

    Model, 942221A

    The battery is not receiving a charge from the stator.
    Tests preformed are
    stator test at 3k RPM Giving me about 27-28 Volts AC
    battery test off - 12.5 V
    idle- 12.5
    high idle 12.5

    Basically i know that the Stator is putting volts to the Voltage regulator.
    The regulator is the 3 pin type, 2 coming from the stator, the 3rd going to charge the battery. The stator is known good.
    When i test the output pin from the regulator, i get no voltage. Is this normal or should that 3rd pin show the volts that are going to the battery?
    I have a spare known good regulator, that i keep in my toolbox, i threw that on and got the same thing.
    Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot in advance guys!
  2. Restrorob

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    You need to trace the third wire back through the harness and find out why you don't have battery voltage to the regulator. The regulator must have voltage to energize it's self before it will put out.
  3. LayoftheLand

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    Hey Rob,

    I did the test you perscribed, and found that it does have Power from the battery directly to the 3rd pin of the regulator, the battery has (12.51 volts) The voltage at the regulator is (12.12) I also have continuity from the keyswitch all the way to the regulator, as the power is only supplied to the regulator when the keyswitch is on.
    Another test i did is, to have everything plugged in as normal and to run a test voltage from the regulator, in which i found that it still reads 12.12 volts while running. ( Same voltage as if the mower is not running as well.)
  4. LayoftheLand

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    Ive fixed IT!!!!!
    it was a "facepalm" moment, i had the wire plugged into the incorrect places on the voltage regulator. Sorry to waste your time. :(

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