FH680V-CS04 replacement

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Tkauffman, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Tkauffman

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    Good afternoon everyone, I'm new here with my first post and unfortunately it's a question!

    I have a 2003 Great Dane Super Surfer with a 23hp Kawasaki model FH680V-CS04. The engine no longer runs and I need to replace it asap.

    I have went to my local dealer who contacted Kawasaki and he was told that the FH680V-GS06 is the replacement engine for this mower.

    I talked to Tulsa Engine Warehouse and they also stated I could drop to a 19 hp and go with the FH601V-S06 for a decent savings.

    My question is has anyone here ever replaced a Kawasaki with a Briggs and Stratton engine on a Great Dane mower. The model #350777 has the same shaft size and length, the bolt pattern is supposedly the same, however I am wondering about the wiring etc.. I could save about $700 on the Briggs, what are your thoughts, is it possible and feasible?
  2. pugs

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    Is the Briggs a Vanguard? If not your 700 savings will be blown when you replace engines twice as often or more.
  3. ABeautifulCutAboveInc.

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    Not a bad site to take a look at different brands of motors. You'll have to check the shaft size and details. By the end of this season, I'll be replacing my Fh680v-ds02. I would never go down in power or quality. You will be kicking yourself in the face. Just my 2 cents!
  4. Tkauffman

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    I have two 52" Great Danes. One is a 97 model with an 18 hp Briggs Vanguard and the other is an 03 with a 23hp Kawasaki. The Kawasaki is dead meanwhile the Briggs is alive and kicking with 4 times the hours on it. That is why I'm thinking of going with the Briggs and I'm not worried about a drop from 23hp to an 18 hp Briggs or even a 19hp Kawasaki.

    If the shaft size of a Briggs Vanguard is identical and it bolts on what other issues could I run into regarding compatibility. I really want a Briggs as I have had good luck with them I just want to make sure it is compatible.

    I also found a supplier named Russo Power Equipment ($1,349) out of Michigan for $451 less than Jacks Small Engines ($1,800).
  5. Restrorob

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    Have you checked your visitor's messages ???
  6. Tkauffman

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    Just to wrap things up. I bought the FH680V-gs06 from Russo Power Equipment for $1349 with free shipping and paid $250 to have it mounted at a local shop. The Great Dane runs like new and wired up without a problem. Russo Power Equipment did me right, I highly reccomend them!
  7. DT Lawn Care

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    Haha, couldn't have worded that better.

    You SHOULD be happy with your mower now as you just put $1600 into it.
  8. Tkauffman

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    You nailed it DT Lawn Care, I am extremely HAPPY! I bought the mower used with engine problems and next to nothing hours on it (first owner, I mean moran, ran it without an air filter amoungst other things) My total for an almost new 52" Great Dane with a couple hundred hours on it, less than $3000. Sure beats $6000 for a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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