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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CGS, Feb 10, 2000.

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    I'm currently registered (Ficticious Business Name)as Camino Gardening Service, through the county.<p>I've been in Business for 5 years on this month. It is time to renew, but I would like to change it to:<p>Camino Landscape Services or<br>Camino Landscapes or<br>Camino Landscaping<p>I would like some help on choosing one of these names or any name you think might fit &quot;Camino&quot; (Grandmothers Maiden Name).<p>Thank you all for your responses.<p>CGS
  2. HOMER

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    Heres one: CAMINO GROUNDS MAINTENANCE<p>If you are doing landscape maintenance and installation, plus mowing, this name will cover all aspects of your business.<p>Homer
  3. AB Lawn Care

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    In the next couple of years I will be getting rid of ''lawn care'' out of my name and I also thought of using GROUNDS MAINTENANCE but two other names I thought of using is LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE or LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
  4. Why not just trade under your given name? <br>If most of your family is in prison this might be a problem. A more unusual name like<br>Homer or Hulrow will stand out in the crowd<br>of Johns and Mikes.<p>Why give this state the money needed to apply for a fiticus name? There are other<br>finincial considerations which most of you<br>fail to realize.<p>There are too many green this and that already. You are the driving force in your<br>business. Use your given name if it is easy<br>to spell and pronounce.<p>When a potential customers meet me for the<br>first time they remember me for better or<br>worse for I am a large man with a great physical presence. I look them in the eye and<br>don't cower to no one. Some arrogance<br>helps that in the future they think you will be no push over.<p>Since I don't adverstise to the general public I don't give a crap about thier<br>perception.<p>Customers shop for sevices in the following<br>order.<p>1. Price<br>2. reliability<br>3. quality of services<p>Most of them could care less if you have<br>a $8k ZTR or a $500.00 walk behind or<br>a $35k new dualie with a landscapers body<br>or a 20 year old Dodge pickup you rebuilt<br>from junk yard parts.
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    Hey John Retro, <br> I guess it's time to change our run of the mill names and work out!! You hold the customer down while I threaten him to sign a contract. :) IMHO, customers shop price last. Personality, image and service come first. Licensing, degrees, and intimidation are usually down at the bottom.<p>Mike<p><p>
  6. JJ Lawn

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    In spite of Larry's very insensitive reply, I think it is neat to honor you Grandmother this way. <p>I like your suggestion of &quot;Camino Landscaping&quot;. Short and to the point.<p>jim
  7. JimLewis

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    No comment on Larry. :) None needed. <p>On to the original question. I always prefer xxxx landscape services. It's very broad and covers a lot. I also like xxxx grounds maintenance as well. It's my second favorite name for landscape companies. Almost as good. <p>I would definitely avoid &quot;xxxx landscaping&quot; unless you actually plan to do more actual landscaping (e.g. installation, design, etc.) than lawn care. That name implies such. <p>I also like Camino and the story behind it. Stick with it. That's cool. <p>That's my 2¢. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>http://www.lewislandscape.com
  8. jrblawncare

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    CGS,I guess I'am with Jim on this,I like Landscape Services this is what I use now.Services implies HELP and covers it all.If you do as myself,Mow-Tree and Shrub Trimming-Rototilling-Power Edging-Spring and Fall Cleanups-Landscape Renovations-Design and Plant Installs....you get my point.Grounds Maintenance also works,good luck!!<p>----------<br>John <br>
  9. southside

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    How about PRO-MOW?<br>Damn I'm a genius :)
  10. thelawnguy

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    I started out as AB Lawn Care (sorry adam) due to the fact it was always listed first in ad listings but then I discovered that in the great state of CT unless you are incorporated or a Limited Liability Corporation or Partnership(llc)you need to register in EACH of the 169 towns in the state ($5 a pop)so now I just use my own name, its protected state wide at no cost to me and nobody else can use it.<p>In this state you can not use the term landscaping in your name unless you are a registered contractor $240 for two years, lawn services are exempt.<p>Bill

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