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    hey do any of you know where i can find a good field guide that shows different grass types? Most of the lawns we deal with are bermuda or tall fescue but every once in a while I come across something that I've got no idea what it is. I find it odd that I can find really good materials on all sorts of weeds, and turf diseases, but can't find a good field guide for pests and grasses. I've even checked with our cooperative extension and couldn't find anything.
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    You can spend lots of money for good books with good pics and info or you can get the pocket version that is probably most widely used in the industry, that is by Jim Converse and you can get "Identification of the grasses" through the O.M. Scotts Company.
    Also recommend ID to broadleaf Weeds and Id to turf diseases and insects, by same.
    Have to push the Disease and insect one as my dad is pictured with the BT Ataenius with Dr. Niemcyzck.

    Love you dad and thanks forever !
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    Ive had problems finding a good grass id book also. I looked at the first amazon link, and i have a problem buying something i cannot see. I could not find the scotts book anywhere. Any one else have ideas about where to get these books. Purdue has a grass id tool which works well enough but id would like to have something tangible that i could take with me.
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    If you can't find what you are looking for in these links it may not exist...

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