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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by ramsbaseball, May 18, 2011.

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    February Week 1 - Apply crabgrass pre-emergent
    March Week 1 - Apply Weed & Feed Fertilizer
    April Week 3 - Apply Herbicide weed killer
    June Week 4 - Apply Fertilizer 38-7-14
    August Week 4 - Apply Herbicide weed killer
    September Week 4 - Apply Winter Cover (Rye Grass)
    November Week 1 - Apply Fertilizer 5-10-30

    This is my maintenance plan for my baseball field. Any feedback on timing of applications and other maintenance suggestions would be appreciated.

    I also try to have a monthly schedule of areating the field beginning in April through August.
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    check out turffiles. its a site run by NC State. They have some bermuda maintenance calenders for lawns and also some info on athletic fields. You may want to go with a non root inhibiting pre. I also try to stay away from granular weed products as they are less effective.

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