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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Calfan2131, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Here is a question I want to pose to other industry professionals:

    We have a bid for vacant land mowing that has been previously maintained. The acreages for one are 100 acres and 27 acres for the other. The land is flat, is mowed once a month during the growing season here in Ohio and our plan is to use a batwing mower in the 15'-20' range.

    I have seen other threads on here with pricing for actual "brush" hogging with saplings and tall grasses included, but I am looking for some input on more field mowing using these variables I have listed. Could some give me some insight as to pricing "you" would charge in your area? Or any suggestion on equipment as I have read some saying they use their zero turns on the highest setting, but putting all my guys on mowers is not the most profitable considering hourly wages, fuel and wear and tear on my equipment.

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    I now 200 acres same deal. Unfortantly I only have a 72 inch at this time so it takes forever about 6-7 acres an hour. Usually can knock it out in 2 days. Figure six mows a year here so about 120-130 hours. I charge 4500 a year. First year paid for my mower but last two years Is solid profit. Hourly rate is not great but with a small machine I can't charge to much more an hour.
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    I mow bank owned sudivisons smallest is 12 acres to 75 acres, average is 30 acres. I mow on the average 6 times a year in this area. I have lot pins and water shutoffs to mow around so takes longer than wide area mowing. I use normally a 35 hp tractor and a 72" hog to trim around pins, curbs, shutoffs and ect. Large areas use 18' batwing and 100hp tractor. Small acres I get $100 pr/ac and large acres I get $30 pr/ac. When bidding I try and figure an average of $100 pr/hr. I figure 2 acres pr/hr with 72" mower and 10 acres pr/hr with 18' batwing. Most I get for goverment contracts is $30 pr/ac. Good luck.

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