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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JimLewis, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I don't know much about Hindsite, but I figured I'd throw our hat in the ring. From what I do know about some of the other software products out there, Jobber is by far the easiest to use. That doesn't mean it's a simple product, because it's not! We have all of the same features as the competition, but we've focused on making it as easy to use and as flexible as possible. Check us out for a free 30-Day trial at If you like what you see, there's a discount code for lawnsite users. Just PM me and I'll send along the code!
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    I'm bringing this back up to the top. Starting to look into some better software. Have QX and QB. QX has been fine for scheduling, but I want a lot more. I am impressed with what I see from Hindsite (HS). I want my techs to be able to enter all the info into a device and have it sync back to an office computer with QB. I'm tired of taking all their hand written sales receipts, work orders to be turned into invoices, and overall chicken scratched notes.
    Jobber - I will look at your software later as well. If the HS rep can chime in, it would be worth it as well. I'll look more at the Fieldone too.

    Looking for input from those that use HS. Hopefully I can get Jim to chime back in on this, as he started the thread. So I have a few questions.
    What devices are you using in the field to enter the info and have it sync back? Laptop? Smartphones? Tablets, Blackberry? other PDA? I don't even know what they support, but will talk with them soon to find out.
    Has it been as easy as you anticipated? How about for a technology challenged person? Both my employees are not computer gurus at all, and one tech doesn't even own one or any kind of smartphone.
    How many employees use this within the company? Has it been worth it for everybody?
    Hangup I have is the same for Jim - cost. $495 set up fee ($200 off from using EARN from Ewing), plus 3 techs = almost $300 a month, plus cost of 3 handheld devices, plus data plan for 3 devices. That adds up for a small company. But it prevents me from having to take all the paperwork for three of us from each day - which can be 10-45 homes a day - and enter it all into QB, which can be late at night, early mornings, or Saturday/Sundays. I have no office support, so that is when I can take care of it all. I still may look into office help as well though.

    Little more feedback if possible. Thanks.
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    Worth every penny!!!

    Saves and makes you money in places you never even thought of before. Get with the owner of Hindsite and have him do a remote demo, I was sold within the first 10 minutes.

    You CANNOT use a free product and expect the same results. HS has come along way since we started 4 years ago. My techs log EVERYTHING they do and I cannot tell how many times I have used Hindsite to back up or save our ass! Yes the techs have to enter the data, but that is pretty easy to control when it comes down to them doing it right or they hit the road. All of my techs are good, and they LOVE the HS.

    If a tech runs into a difficult to locate shut off, they enter that location in the site notes for the next tech. Each tech can also look up the history of the customer, so if they are trying to trouble shoot something, they can what work the previous tech performed and know not to waste time doing it again.

    We also have notes for dogs, gate codes, garage codes, equipment locations, if a battery operated valve is on site, whether their is an automatic fill off the mainline for the swimming pool or water feature etc.

    With almost 2500 customers, it saves us days of invoicing each week easily!!!!!
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    What kind of devices are they using in the field to enter the data?
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    Fieldone is supporting Windows Mobile devices and just added Android support but the Android app is still a little light on features. I'm hoping it gets to the point that I can replace the laptops with Android tablets soon. Of course, then printing invoices becomes a challenge but I could always just tell customers we're a green company and only email them now.
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    I was also trying to figure out the sales receipt on site for the customer. I really don't want mobile printers in each truck. I'm wondering if in HS, the techs can enter an invoice, and email it to the customer. Maybe show the customer on the device the invoice, but email so they have a hard copy. With using the SquareUp credit card device, I can send a receipt to a customers email or phone if they get texts. Personally, I am hoping I can do all of my own stuff from my Android phone.
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    Why not? I can name a host of open source products that perform as good, if not considerably better, than the comparable proprietary for fee product. The one example I posted can provide online access and billing for the cost of a cheap hosting account, and you get the additional benefit of using open source software which you can customize to suit your needs. If that type of stuff is over your head, then pay someone to do it for you (a one time cost).
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    We use Verizon Netbooks that are running 3/4G connections. You do not need to run the data plans and we did not until this past year. One of your guys can always find a place with free WiFi to sync if you make changes.

    The office and service manager prefer the ability to send messages and make changes to the schedule. Plus, each time the "time in" and "time out" it updates the schedule and shows the office where each tech is located. This helps to see if a tech is running behind or ahead of schedule allowing the office to make better decisions.

    We have spent a lot of time setting up our HS. For winterizations, we have it set up to where the tech enters the amount of zones, connections, pumps etc and it automatically calculates the total. The office then just has to review the invoice in QB and it gets emailed out. This was so much easier and allowed the office to bill 100 plus invoices a day in about an hour or so.

    You can also put assessments into place. When the tech is completing the work order it may say, "Does the customer have an operational rain gauge" Yes or No, then it will ask, "Did you talk to the customer about this and try to sell them a new unit?"

    Based on the answer, this can go on the invoice along with a price just in case the customer was not available at the time of service. I guess there are other options based on some of the OP's comments, so look into them as well. This is our experience with HS and we like the support that we get from HS, so we are rarely shut down.
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    we have been using hindsite for years. we have increased the number of service calls per employee by 40% from paper trail days. We use asus netbooks, and have just started using a transformer prime tablet with android app.
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    Huh??? :rolleyes: Increased 40% just because of Hindsite??? What the hell were you guys doing before? Spending 40% of your day writing hand written invoices??? Our techs spend maybe 20 minutes per day writing up invoices. And if we moved to Hindsite, I'm pretty sure we'd still be spending about that same amount of time.

    How the heck do you explain a 40% increase in the # of service calls you can now do with Hindsite? You guys must have been wasting a ridiculous amount of time before.

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