field work vs. businessman?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, May 28, 2004.

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    This year has been a bit overwhelming, with the volumn of work that has approached me (good problem to have!), but I'm having trouble balencing out the Field worker vs. businessman time frames this year. There alot of maintenace to do, yet I'm always on the phone planning something for just after the trucks are put away, like estimates. It's been a long time since I've been strapped for time, even after work, into all hours of the night. feels like my first season all over agian. Good news is, my enthusiasm of the first season is here again. I'm enjoying getting the accounts more then working them! anyone have a game plan they use to balence out field work/ business/ family ??
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    We usually work Mon-Thurs 0700-1700 on our regular maintenance, with Fri. being an 'on-call' day and we will occasionally put a clean-up or something on that day. Sat. & Sun. are inviolate - no work at all!
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    yup, I do field work during the week only Monday through Friday, then do paperwork for the week Friday night, and then Saturday and Sunday is strictly for the family. Gives me time to relax
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    This is the last big year for me. Had a large business loan to pay off that hits me for over $4000 / month. Bad business decisions along with buying some fairly hefty equiment and paying if off in 3 years.

    Before it was raining so much I was working 80-90+ hours / week. I have no phone numbers or ads anywhere that people can reach me at, except for my current customers, yet people still track me down. I don't even have my personal home phone number listed, yet I still get calls there.

    1/2 of Thursday / all day Friday it didn't rain. Today I got 1/2 of one yard done before it started to rain again. Tomorrow, 80% chance of rain. Good luck to all you guys in Michigan, PA and NY the next couple of days, it's still coming at you.

    I guess, since all my accounts are on contract, I send out 38 invoices at the end of the month, answer any cell phone calls from my current customers when I receive them, so there's not too much "businessman"ing to do, just gotta head out to the garage and get the pontoons on the mower for tomorrow, looks like I'll need to put the 85 hp outboard on by Tuesday. :dizzy:

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