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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevesmowing, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. stevesmowing

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    My grandpa owns some property that he always use to mow down with a bush hog 2x a year and it took about 15 hours with a 24" deck on the bush hog to do it. He has had a stoke and is no longer able to do it. I have thought about doing it. Would it be best to use a) his bush hog 24". b) 48" belt walk behind 12.5hp. c) super z 60" 27hp. Its not extremely rough but its def. more so than a lawn, because it is a field. I don't want to tear about the ztr but if it take it slow it might be ok. The downside is there is poison ivy all over. What would I do with the mower after it has been though the poison ivy? How long will the oil last before it won't effect your skin?
  2. Gautreaux's LNG

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    Well you will be there forever with the 24", if you have a proslide or velky your kidneys will be ground meat by the time you finish with the walkbehind. I say find out if there is something you can spray to kill the Ivy only. If not dress accordingly, make sure you keep the discharge down wind and use the Super Z at what ever speed it takes to get the job done.If you have the suspension seat there is no other choice. Of course with a good sharp set of blades. I bet your "itching" to get this job done.
  3. stevesmowing

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    yes it does have the suspension seat. What do you guys charge per hour for mowing fields with your ztrs? I don't know if i will even ask for money but like most grandparents they offer. I gotta believe it costs about $10-20 an hour just to run the mower cutting in fields.
  4. Travis Followell

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    If I was mowing a field with a ztr i'd charge $100 hour because it is so hard on the mower and always a chance of hitting something and bending a blade or worse. Definately mow it with deck all the way up to avoid hitting rock or anything else. If I was mowing for my grandparents I wouldn't charge that much but anyone else I would.
  5. tiedeman

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    the only way I would do it, with the poison ivy there is I would get a bigger all purpose tractor with a deck on it.
  6. K c m

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    There isn't much you can really spray on poisen ivy. I tried gasoline out back of my hose down in Nj and it did nothing to it. But if you are going to cut it and there is that much of it PLEASE WEAR A MASK. You get that stuff in the lungs and you are in some pretty bad shape.

    good luck.
  7. HiTECH

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    i mow 20 acres of field and it takes two people one on a 60" ztr and one on a 52" wb 10 hrs so 5 hrs each and we get $50 per acre
  8. out4now

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    Wouldn't go with a walk behind. Can you rent a tractor to do it? That poision Ivy makes that job a nasty one. If there is anything out there that could tear up your mower maybe a flail might be a better way to go. Damage could be minimized and if it is set to throw to the rear behind a tractor that would keep the debris away from you. Like someone else said see if there's somethiing you can apply to control the Ivy.
  9. Tonyr

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    If it is only going to be cut a couple of times per year, forget mowing, just hire a contractor with slasher, fast, cheap.

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