fierce competition for 2004Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me with some ideas o


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Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me with some ideas on how to beat out many competitors in the market for this year.

This year I have found that there are more and more people every day popping out of the woodwork in my area who all of a sudden become a professional lawn company. I believe the market is flooded down here in Madison. Gaining sales is tough--I've submitted 16 commercial bids all at reasonable to very reasonable prices and in probably in one of the most professional-looking proposal formats in town. I have only gotten one of those bids, and that was from a guy that we know who goes to our church sometimes. I don't understand why you can't get a bid in my town unless you're the cheapest or the biggest and most well-known. I've been through mowing for the cheapest dollar, and it sux. I did a great job on these cheap lawns, yet there is still not much loyalty to be had.

I am out of ideas on how to get those bids! I am tired of waiting for residential people to call so I can have some business because I don't have any larger commercial bids lined up. I am spending 6% of my estimated sales on advertising this year too. (phone books, newspaper, flyers) I've thought about directing my target market more clearly to the upper end clientele, but I don't have any present clients in many of those target neighborhoods yet. What have you guys done in the past to "separate" yourself from a sea of competitors that all offer the same services!? What do you do when somebody else already does as nice a job as you do, somebody else can outprice you, and somebody else has a great reputation?

Does anybody else share these problems?

Thanks for any input.

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in this highly competitive market place you have to learn to sell, period, this is the difference between two good companies.
talk to some salesmen and find out what kind of self help tapes they use it sounds simple and it makes all the difference in the world