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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by phasthound, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Under a new distribution agreement, German-based Neudorff has assigned exclusive distribution rights to Engage Agro USA to market its new bioherbicide, Fiesta Turf Weed Killer, for all U.S. professional turf markets.$2689
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    I have not been following ....but I thought eco sense by scott's and fiesta were the same thing
  3. HayBay

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    EcoSense is homeowner version. Less Ai
  4. Barefoot James

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    Any info on the product specifics - like what weeds does it control, mode of action, cost, etc?

    Why is it considered organic? Anybody have any input who has used it? Does it control crab or nutsedge? Clover or violets? Barry are you picking this up?
  5. JDUtah

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  6. JDUtah

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    "The active ingredient in Fiesta is in the form of iron chelate which is immediately available for uptake by the susceptible plants in doses too high for them to withstand, killing them down to the root. This unique formula has no unpleasant odor, works quickly and in cool weather, is rainfast in 3 hours and is ideal for use as an alternative, earth friendly herbicide."

  7. HayBay

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    This is My Opinion.

    Its a really neat product in regards to watching it turn dandelion black within hours. 48 hours and the dandelion is totally black. Very selective product.

    It greens a lawn instantly for about 2 weeks after the applicaiton.

    I have seen it affect clover, minor dieback and stunting of growth.
    I have seen it affect Plantain, Curling of the leaves and stunting.
    Thistle will have minimal damage
    Knotweed is not affected
    Black Medic , not affected minor
    GroundIvy/Mallow, no affect

    Regrowth will occur within 2 weeks.
    Top Kill Only
    They say that if the whole plant is not covered in product that you will have part of the plant regrow.
    You can cut off the top of the dandelion and it will still grow back.
    That is the problem. Top Kill Only and no systemic action.
    Dandelion grows back nicer and stronger looking next time.

    Way over priced, heavy application rates.

    No odor, minimal staining

    Wide range of spray times and temperatures (*my favorite feature*)

    Rusts metal fast. Clean spray components daily.

    Label calls for 2 apps a year only.

    I have seen local LCOs spray every 2 weeks for the season and still have unhappy customers.

    If you could economically spray Fiesta for instant results on dandelion and an app of 2,4-D at the same time, you would have an awesome combination for weed control and lawn coloring.

    Environmental benefits? contains heavy metal, input rates are very high, repeat application a must.
  8. HayBay

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    Does not affect crabgrass Barefoot James.
    I dont think it did anything to nutsedge either, minimal testing on this one.

    Fiesta Did not affect 600 sq foot new grass seed install 1 month after germination. It did help slow down weed growth to allow new grass seed to catch up.

    Label says to not use on new lawn 1 year or less.
  9. Barefoot James

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    Great input JD and haybay (from ontario - who obviously has used it) - thanks. Sounds very short term - no interest. "Love the lawnsite" - saved me more money and time.
    Barry - advice do not pick up this product.
  10. NattyLawn

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    I only used 3.5 gallons of Fiesta this year and wasn't impressed. I didn't get good weed control and there's too many red flags, many listed above by Haybay. I'm sticking with the Green Guardian and the new and improved formula. The GG rusts metal parts quickly as well. You have to keep things clean.

    Haybay, there's a company in CO that used a dual trigger Lesco gun with 2,4-D and homemade GG. I looked into a dual trigger system and it wasn't cheap, but the appeal is definitely there.

    Barefoot...I had good results spraying molasses on Nutsedge this year. It worked well, but it was hot and dry and the Nutsedge didn't return. I don't know if it kills the nut in a "normal" year.

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