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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JFGauvreau, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Anyone of you heard about Fiesta weed control? I'm trying to get my hands on it but it seems rather hard. Here in Ontario/Canada, since 22nd April 2009 there was a pesticide and herbicide ban across the province, so we were force to use some organic weed control that really didn't work. 12 months later Neudorff North America release a new weed control call Fiesta.

    The main active ingredient is Iron in the form of FeHEDTA. So mainly a overdose of iron to weeds that kills them, but not the lawn. Says it works withing 48 hours.

    Anyone else heard of that? If so how much was it? any additional info on the product?
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    Here in the states we have Ortho EcoSense weed killer or Gardens Alive Iron-X, both by Neudorff I believe. Its about $32.95 for the Iron-x concentrate (from Gardens Alive) which is better option for landscape professional. I had ok control with some weeds, not so good control with others. I am sure environmental stress had soemthing to do with level of control we saw. Dandelions immediately showed symptoms, but some grew back. Multiple applications will most likely be needed for adequate control. I think I heard we may get Fiesta here this year, but I am not sure if there will be any difference with formulations. Any one else hear any different, or have experience with our version of FeHEDTA?
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    It's my understanding that Fiesta needs to be applied with a higher rate of water than can be accomplished with a ride-on. Is that accurate?
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    SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. One litre of product will treat between 62.5 and 125 m² (672.5 - 1345 ft²). Mix one part FIESTA Lawn Weed Killer with 24 parts water (40 mL in
    960 ml of water). Apply the mixed solution at a rate of 200-400 ml/m2. Use the lower rate (200 ml spray/m2) on small weeds; use the higher rate (400 ml/m2) on large weeds and
    on tough perennial weeds, such as clover. Any standard hand-held or backpack sprayer can be used.

    The (big guys) tank sprayed it every 2 weeks for the year. Guess what, weeds came back.
    Label says 2 apps per year.
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    Interesting, I contacted one of the suppliers from Hamilton, he said it's best to do applications every 30days, but he says when you spray the weeds, they die withing 48hours, but then they regrow, that's when you have to spray them a 2nd time.

    But still, I don't want to spray like 50 lawns and then come back in 2 days to spray them all, and then start over again in a month. I though FIESTA was way more powerful such as 2 apps per year.

    I think nothing will ever beat the Killex we used to have/
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    Thats not how its done.

    Spray, wait 2-3 weeks spray again. Then on top of that you have to use Organosol 5 times every 2 weeks to kill some of the other weeds in lawn.

    I am talking about a spring application only. If you want control in the fall your out of luck with Fiesta (until they change the label to every 2 weeks). If you want season long supression with Organosol you need to spray every 2 weeks for a long time.

    Just image in the cost in lawn signs alone.

    If you have 50 customers. I guarantee you will be down to 15. Costs and Customer Expectations.

    Landscape Exterminator is a thing of the past now in Ontario.

    Or until the Liberals are voted out.
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    Yup I agree, only thing that works is knowledge and experience, which most homeowners don't have.

    Cutting to low, mower blade is not sharp, not enough water.
    They don't fertilize, no core aeration, dethatching, top dressing etc.

    Then they expect to hire a lawn care company with immaculate results in the first year.

    I've seen so many Weed Man staff spraying the weeds on my neighbors, then they put their little signs beside the road with a lawn full of weeds. Nice advertising lol.
  9. HayBay

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    Weedman invested million in Sarritor.
    Suppliers stock tonnes of it in their warehouses. (expires within 6 months)

    Nobody buys it. It is too environmentally sensitive, just like nematodes. (water, sun, temp)

    Suppiers have done the same thing again with stocking Fiesta, they buy in bulk.

    They cant tell you it sucks. they will go out of business, they cant return the stuff.
    They are just trying to follow the Provincial Regulations like a good business should.
    Even if they know its at the expense of the purchaser.
    They have no other products to offer or they would.
    2,4-D was taken away from them too.
  10. JFGauvreau

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    Ya, all the big lawn care companies around Ottawa sprayed the weeds, that always came back as I watched them. On their website, they say they all used Fiesta.

    I'm sure some business around here might use some chemicals, maybe some left over killex, it's just to obvious when you see them spray the lawn which is covered in yellow dandelions, then a week later its pure green. But of course their is big consequences to pay if you get caught.

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