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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by JFGauvreau, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Ortho changed the name. I can't find anywhere to buy Fiesta in the States in a concentrate except for gardens alive (Iron x). Would be nice if we could get in in gallons or larger and save a few bucks.
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    Barry Draycott is carrying it and sells it in 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon bottles, it is named fiesta, he is out of New jersey
    I am not sure if he has it up on his website, I think the ink is still drying from his agreement with them

    I have heard of good results especially when mixed with methylated seed oil
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    Than you bill. By the way, we buy Gluten 8 from you. Will be putting together our order very soon!
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    I don't know if Scott's ever released Fiesta in the US for retail. They did in Canada, but I don't know about here.

    I didn't like the results, and don't know if using Iron will be detrimental for soil health.
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    you make a good point, long term it may not support a healthy and vibrant soil food web

    Mike (long time NOFA) from Plantscapes in CT said he had ok to disasterous results, i have heard others say the opposite........operator? Timing? expecting too much?

    One gallon treats 5000 sq ft, that is an application rate of roughly 25 ounces per 1000 sq ft
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  7. Dr.NewEarth

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    My company services stratas (hoa) around Vancouver, British Columbia. Some Cities here have pesticide bylaws and some do not. Many of them are waiting for a Federal Government law that is in the works, that will ban the cosmetic use of pesticides, herbicides etc.
    Basically my company uses the non-toxic approach on "all" of our clients properties in the many cities around Vancouver. This includes controlling pests and diseases with IPM-Integrated Pest Management, PHC-plant health care techniques and beneficial insects.
    We use a dandelion puller twice a year, aerate, lime, overseed, fertilize three to four times and we allow the lawns to grow 2 to 2.5 inches. That helps to choke out weeds and will give you a stronger healthier lawn. It also conserves water. We mulch the clipping for most of the year. Although when the wild Poa annua grass goes to seed twice a year, we bag it then.
    It has been a struggle to educate people, because pesticides have been accepted and used since the end of the First World War. We all need to accept a few weeds.
    They are an indicator of site conditions and can tell you what is deficient in your soil.
    I've been a government licensed pesticide applicator since back when we used to have to suit up and use some very carcinogenic products. As a last resort we can still use Killex (and glyphosates) as a spot spray in the cities that don't have a pesticide bylaw yet. I do not recommend broadcast spreading weed-killer fertilizers containing 2,4-D, mecoprop and dicamba as that just poisons the entire area and gets into our ground water too. I believe 2,4-D made up part of "agent orange."
    In the past few years I have used industrial acedic acid, soaps, propane burners and the like. The weeds come back eventually. If you can, fix the problem that is causing the weeds. Strangely, many Stratas will allow weed control with pesticides, but they won't fork out the money for a nice garden mulch that will help increase property value.
    Last year in May the Canadian Federal Government approved the use of "fiesta" type products. Most of the supply ended up going to Ontario.
    The H.D. and Canadian Tires were able to get some Eco-sense weed B gone to stores out here, but it went fast. $30-$40 per 4 Litres There is a better supply available for this season.
    I used two applications of Eco-sense early last summer. It killed many annual weeds.
    The perennials it knocked back a bit, which allows the lawn to grow stronger. Clovers are another kind of problem, particularly if they are established. Get a dandelion puller and aerate too.
    The clients of the stratas where Eco-sense was used (Port Moody, Port Coquitlam) were very happy with the results. The iron also makes our lawns look a richer healthier green.
    "Ironically" we can use fiesta in the City of Vancouver, but they have it in their bylaw that iron based moss killers aren't to be used on lawns. (let's see if the bylaw is ammended)
    The wholesalers here have "Fiesta" available as a 10 Litre pail. (a litre is almost a quart)
    So, that's like 2.5 Imperial gallons. For a cost of $245 Canadian dollars, plus too much tax. It will cover a quarter acre or approximately 10,000 square feet. But remember,
    you don't need to cover the entire lawn. You only need to spot spray the weeds.
    You must be a governement licensed applicator with a copy of your license on file, to purchase Fiesta. Eco-sense can be picked up by any-body.
    Although pesticide use has caused problems to our environment and bodies, when used properly some products worked well. They really saved us time and money.
    I had to study my Butt Off to earn all of my licenses and certifications. If Joe Home Owner wasn't able to buy pesticides with no training off the shelf, perhaps we wouldn't have so many restrictions in our industry today.
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    Great post DrNewEarth!
    Feed the soil, use cultural methods and keep pesticides off the retail shelf!!
  9. JFGauvreau

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    If you know how to maintain a lawn, you know like you said, the basic, keep the grass high enough to choke the weeks, always fertilize, aerate, dethatch, overseed, top dress, water etc, then you won't have a problem with weeds.

    The problem is customers not doing what I tell them too lol. They always cut their grass to short, the blade is never sharp enough on their mower, they never water in the drought season. That's why this year I'm writing a little "Maintenance Tips" document that I will giving to all my existing and future customers. If only 1/4 of them actually reads my tips and apply them, then I've done my job.
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    Education clients helps you succeed in your business.
    In NJ, Rutgers does provide some good fact sheets on cultural methods for healthy lawns. Applicator businesses should take advantage of info provided by independant sources like this.

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