fighting a battery draw on Honda GX620?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowisme, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I disconnected the ground off battery and ran a test light from it to motor block- no light came on so this mean no direct short or am I testing wrong? I have two batterys to try- both were up to 12+ volts for over several months. It I put one onto the Honda GX620..few days its dead. I have positive wire going from Battery to the 20a rectifier/reg, and I have another positive wire going from battery to a ignition switch..that when is in the 'on' position it lets the 12v leave the switch and travel to a 'momental' toggle switch to run a small 12v motor whenever I hold the switch to one side or other. releasing it cuts the power. by turning ignition switch 'off' no power is even fed to that switch. My question: could the constant power to the regulator/rectifier draw the battery down? (this is wired from factory to reg/rect)
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    I seen the post where you were told to put a light on the ground cable, I've never tested that way. Remove the pos cable and put your test light lead clip on the cable then the point to the battery post, If you have a short/draw the light will come on.

    If it does, Unplug the regulator and see if it goes out. Yes a regulator can short and cause a draw and still put out voltage as normal when running.

    If it is shorted, You can run a jumper wire from your main switch to the regulator so it's only powered when running/switch is on. This would save cost of replacement for a while......
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    Thanks Rob- I'll do them test tomorrow. Gene

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