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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Aug 28, 2005.

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    I was thinking. Yes i was. I found out what Gedd has been talking about all these years. Tell me what you think. His point is theres tons of lawn guys out there and they kiss ass all day and think they live in a cut throat world but really theres 100x more clients then lawn guys so why kiss ass when the market goes both ways. You can find a new client just as fast as a client can find a new lawn guy. Am I right bobby cause I'm starting to see this.
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    it's like this....kissing butt is for employees. 99% of lawnboys believe, in thier pittiful little minds, that the customer is thier boss. most that have this attitude, are failing. and most of them, don't even realize they are failing. how cum people don't listen to what thier clients say? this is what i hear my clients say- "the last guy didn't show up regularly. the guy before him couldn't apply chemicals cus he wasn't licensed. the guy before him wasn't licensed, but he tried it anyhow, and killed half my lawn, and the other half turned into nothing but crabgrass, and my dog grew 3 ears. the guy before him told me to go screw myself. the guy before that used a 90" mower to cut my 95" lawn, he tore holes on the lawn and ripped off my aluminum siding. the guy before that didn't have a telephone, so i could never contact him." and on, and on, AND ON, AND ON......... so what does this tell me? IT TELLS me, i don't need to kiss butt. i have all my front teeth, i can speak in complete sentences, i walk upright and don't drag my knuckles on the ground. i can use words like "herbicide" instead of " we gonna put down da weed killer". i can use phrases like, "we are going to apply a systematic insecticide" instead of, "we are gonna kill de bugs". if you HAVE TO kiss a clients butt, it means you have nothing ELSE to offer. you are correct, clients are a dime a dozen, and they CAN be replaced. i'm not saying i CAN'T be replaced, but after hearing horror story after horror story about "the last guy", i've come to the conclusion, that i am VALUABLE and i can't be replaced as easily as one may think. why kiss butt? i have something THAT THEY NEED! why kiss butt? why not just sell them a service, have a decent personality, and leave it at that?
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    Yep, I have to agree....people think ya gotta be slimey and cheap to get work, b.s. be professional, stick to ya pricing, don't expect to land every job, and don't put up with grief giving clients who think we are desperardos cutting grass between the arvo soapies on t.v.

    work for those who want you and like what you do, and respect you/ your biz....takes time, but they are there.

    I always get a chuckle reading the threads here sometimes where guys are online trying to compete who can do a job the cheapest....I'm probably the dearest bloke in town and I don't have too many quiet days....only in winter.

    Why be cheap when you can earn so much more....I realise different areas may be different, but I can honestly say while I 'may' not cut as much grass as some, I'm sure I earn more per year though, and work a lot less hours!

    But....that's just me....and we all know things are very different in oz. :dizzy:

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