Figuring Commercial mowing and Commercial only!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Denlinger326, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Sounds like your area is saturated with mowing services, so you might want to offer something else that isn't as competitive, like landscaping. It's too bad things are going that way.
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    What the hell is the "European Middle Class" ? Are you trying to say the white middle class, if so than just say that. Unless you are some recent immigrant from Scotland or something.
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    NOT to start a fuss, not to disrespect anyone. When Obama gets his immigration policies enacted you think we have low-ballers problems now. Just wait the Lawn Care Industry and Landscapers will be flooded with new start-ups. All with a new drivers licensed and green cards and work permits. There will be no more illegals, just immigrants enabled and willing to work for themselves. (with small business load, food-stamps, a night class in English all paid for by you and me)

    But more to your point, The bigger Commercial accounts have always got a better price compared to the regular residential. The biggest effect in the profitability on Commercial accounts is the one thing we all enjoy but forget. It is the manufactures of the biggest and better Commercial mowers. You have to understand that these companies read the high end industrial magazines and read how todays mowers can mow at such a fast pace. But many don't buy these expensive machines, but they base there lawn care expenditure on what they see and here is in the industry. If you don't have these hight end machines and hope to do the work with a couple of 50" ztrs and a weed tip, good luck. And to say nothing of these LARGE commercial LCO using legal and illegals being payed a sub-par wage. There is going to be some hard time ahead gentemen... Get use to it, some call this progress?
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    And you thought it would all be better after voting blue:dizzy:

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