Figuring curbside leaf removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by FerrisDiesel, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. FerrisDiesel

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    Nice set-up! I love the roll off with the leaf box on top, must be very efficient!
  2. SDLandscapes VT

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    we love the new leaf setup--the box holds almost 30 yds compressed and with the right schedule can go for two full days of clean-ups with no dumping
  3. elbow300

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    Curb-side pick up is the only service I will quote over the phone. There are several key questions that have to be asked though. First is when the leaves were piled. if it was before the last rain, the cost has to be increased. If it is a "perpetual pile" that the homeowner started in the beginning of the season, and called you at the end, you can bet on scooping the leaves by hand and loading them manually, unless you have an enormous loader. Next is the surface under the pile. I lost bad on a pile in a rip-rap ditch. I quoted a client $75 for a pick up, and spent 5 hours with 2 men at $15 per hour and 5 gallons of fuel trying to peel the leaves out of the rocks. I spent $175.00 to make $75. I always add the disclaimer to the quote that brush is not included in leaf pick up. If there is a lot of brush in the leaves, the process slows way down, and it has to be loaded by hand if you are taking it as well. Looking at a job prior to quoting is always better, but I have managed to do well on pick ups asking these questions and saving a trip.
  4. eaglescout1993

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    My terms are 10 or closer to the curb and off of the street as much as possible. Iv got a 16hp billy goat loader with 10in intake. 90% of my work is with in 2 miles of my house so i know what every yard looks like. Ill quote a price range giving me $30 of float over the phone. or give exact price at door. Takes me 30min to do a small yard and iv taken 2 hrs on a 300ftx6ftx8ft ($300) pile. My minimum price is $75 per pile and i go up from there. Normally it ends up being 50-60% of the full job price - for me to clean everything out from the beds and from all of the yard.

    I have had very minimum problems with trash and stick. I know almost all my customer on a first name basis which helps. Honestly i just leave the trash behind and haul off the few sticks that may get in. At the end of the day a small pile of sticks isnt going to break my bank. $10 bucks at the dump on the way home after making a $1000 or more is stupid to argue over. If someone calls me out on leaving the trash i simply explain im not Wast Management and they usually stop their compliant there.
  5. mtdman

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    I do both the full cleanups and removals, and just the curbside pickups. The curbside pickups are great because you can add them in between the cleanups and fill your day in. While the crew is finishing a cleanup, I go do a pickup and fill in the day. I don't really have a problem with debris and junk in the piles, the worst I get is a few sticks and sometimes a plant or two. We've got a lot of trees around here, and a lot of leaves. Yet some people insist on doing the work themselves, but don't want to bag them up. Doing the curbside pickup works well, imo.

    It usually takes me about 30 min to do a removal. Normally I base my labor charges on $60 an hour, but I have a minimum of $60 per removal. Unless they're really small. We get to dump for free, and there compost place is pretty central in town so there's not much of a travel.

    My biggest issue is the wet leaves that people pile up and leave there for a while. And/or the leaves people pile in the streets, whcih then end up getting soggy and wet. Wet leaves suck, especially wet oak leaves.
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    Maybe this site should think of taking care of removing the annoying popup advertisements instead of removing peoples posts. You know the site is having issues when before your even able to enter your screen name & password that you have to "close a crappy popup advertisement".
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    well i do agree they spend way to much time removing posts and a lot of the posts they remove were not necessary to remove in the first place.
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    at least its ads toward the industry. and its not that bad. one ad every now and thins isnt a problem. When they start putting millions up here then its a problem
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  10. caseysmowing

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    I'm interested in what people are charging also because I would like to offer this service next year. Right now I'm at 60 a hour for me sucking them up and dumping them on the curb for the city. Some take 10 to 30 loads. 8 ft dump 4 ft sides.
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