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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JTS Landscaping lawn, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. JTS Landscaping lawn

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    i been trying to get into commercial accounts more and only got a couple dont know if im figuring prices wrong or what. wondering how you guys figure out your prices for commercial accounts. also when would be best time to set up mowing accounts i tried some now but they arent taking bids yet. anything would be helpful. really need to get into the lawn care more next year.
  2. cash_money

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    yea i need some help on the priceing too? How do you guys go about getting commercial accounts? Do you just send out flyers or what do you do? Is there a time of the year do go out and get commercial accounts for the following year?
  3. topsites

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    They call me, I got my ad either in the newspaper or the yellow book.
    Far as estimates, I do them the same way as residential, verbal and by how long it will take, priced per visit and per job (so grass cutting is one thing, mulch is another, blablabla).
    That's just how I do it, I have 2 commercial in my 4th year, I think it just takes time and in a lot of cases it's lowest bidder wins and as a rule I don't want those and I don't do contracts or bids, either.
  4. Branchland

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    I'm having a hard time getting more commercial accounts myself. Commercial around here is cut throght. I'm finding that you either need to go lower on prices ( I price the same as I would for residential ) or it's all in who you know.
    As far as when to submit the proposal I just ask when they are open to bids then make a note on my calender. So I can bid it next year if nothing else. Plus I have a note of when to bid every year there after.
  5. nobagger

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    I just started making "cold calls" to some businesses and reality companies and asked if they were accepting bids. You have to catch them usually around late Aug. or Sept. for next years season. And if they are, they may send you a bid packet full of the properties and what they want done at each one. As far as reality companies I wont sit down with them unless they request a meeting first. But privatley owned businesses I would ask to have a sit down meeting (but a short one). Or at least meet face to face to go over the bid. Reality companies pretty much only care about who is the absolute cheapest!

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