Figuring Sq. footage on an odd shaped yard???


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From time to time I will have to bid a sod job on an ODD SHAPED yard and am not sure how to figure sq. footage.

Up to this point I have just been measuring length times width and just subtracting a little (this I call the "eyeball method") which suprisingly enough has worked out very well. But I would like to know how to figure this exactly.

So, suppose you have an area that is a kidney shape how do you figure the sq. footage???

Thanks for all the help!!!



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For existing jobs that don't have a plan drawn for them the way you do it work ok. We use a cad program at times or we use a dirt program. (Pay Dirt and Auto Cad) We always add a little extra for waste.


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For these odd spots we would find the two largest widths then multiply them by the length of the area. Once we have two figures, then we divide the difference in half and subtract it from the largest figure.

For example:
Lets say the area is 30' in length and you find the two largest widths to be 10' and 15'.

10x30=300 ,,,,, 15x30=450 ,,,,, 450-300=150 ,,,,, 150/2=75

I would estimate the area at 375. If it was for a lawn renovation or mowing I would then round up to 400 sf.

Hope this helps.


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You might figure if the area you want to measure is better described as a triangle or circle. There is a formulae to calculate the area of each. Look in any high school geometry book.



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I dont know how well this works for say a kidney area, but for odd shaped areas, the best thing to do is break it down into smaller squares, figure their area, and add them up