Filing Harrassment Charges Against a Guy I Fired

Discussion in 'Employment' started by TYTILIDIE, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Sometimes people realize how much of an arse they are being and calm down. You stuck to your guns and it worked out.

    I had an employee who plowed snow for me one winter. He plowed 3 times then did 20,000 in damage to his truck just driving down the road. It was a back road that wasnt salted and no he wasn't plowing for me. Fast forward a couple a months we were well into the lawn season and he lost his day job and wanted to know if i could hire him. I was all set and didn't need him. This is when the stories started to surface, we were in a partnership, he got me my high end accounts, and i owed him thousand's from plowing. Well thanks to facebook i proved to everybody he was lying by showing them the pics he posted as well as the date he did the damage to his truck. Some people. I wouldn't hire him so he was going to ruin Me.
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    First I think you already knew he was irresponsible, so if I were you I wouldn't have trusted him or any other employee on a holiday week. Holidays memorial day, 4th or labor are big grilling weeks yards must be perfect. As far as the fire. People can threaten suits until he files one I wouldn't sweat it, there is no pain and suffering, and labor boards don't deal with that. Going forward when you issue anything to someone that they would have to pay you for if not given back to you, you need to have them sign that the received it , date and value to replace should they not return it. I would not go back and forth go to the cops, wait for your stuff or the suit and move forward. Good luck
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