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Dos anyone have some type of calculator or spreadsheet used to calculate the amount of fill taken out of trench where the sides are cut at a 45.

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If you cut the sides 45 degrees all the way to the bottom then just take length time width times depth and double it. That will give you cubic feet of material removed.
Right on the money.

Another way of figuring....

area = base * height/2 * length

(base being the width at the top of the trench, and height being the depth of the trench).

So if he has a 100 ft long trench that is 10' wide and 6' deep..
area = 10 * (6/2) * 100
area = 10 * 12 * 100
area = 120 * 100
area = 12,000 cubic feet

1 Cubic Foot = 0.037037037 Cubic Yards

So he would have ~444 cubic yards of fill based on that method.

Using the your formula (easier):

area = (length * width * height) * 2
area = (100 * 10 * 6) * 2
area = (6000) * 2
area = 12,000 cubic feet
area = 444 cubic yards

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If you know trig it helps.LOL

Reference it it terms of a right triangle. There are several ways to figure it.

Take you 2 and 1 and they will be the base and the height of the triangle. So if you go 3 foot deep thats heighth and the base will be 6. You then have base and height. That will be area multiply times length of the trench and that will be one sides volume. Double for the other side. Then take then take the actual trench bottoms width times the 3 foot height( or depth) and multiply by length of trench.

I am not great with exceel but I will try to right a program. Should not be too hard.

(Trench depth x slope)x trench depth x length will equal slope volume in cubic ft on one side.