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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Moretta Lawn Care, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Well you learn alot all at once sometimes... There is an independent guy in my area who went on vacation. Well he left me to mow 28-32 accounts. I figured out a schedule and realized that I was going to need to take a day off work to get these all done for this guy on top off all of my own mowing. So I mowed through labor day and then every evening Tues-Thurs. in the evening to get the grand total to 20 yards by Friday. 2 of his accounts were big 3-5 acre lots with ponds on them. So I have a buddy go with me on that Friday and we mow 20 yards between 7:30am and 3:30pm. He let me use his 54" walk behind and gave me a 5 gallon gas can. I used his mower on 4 accounts and when I was done I filled his mower with that gas can. So I didn't use ANY of his gas in my stuff. So that week he is gone I mow my accounts, his accounts and work a full time job at the greenhouse. So a total of 60 yards for the week. So when he comes home I have all his equipment back at his house etc. He calls and tells me what he want to pay me. WHAT DO YOU GUYS FEEL FAIR COMPENSATION WOULD BE? I figured it up that I have 28+ hours invested in keeping his company going. Most accounts are less the 1/2 acre to 1/2 acre lots and there are, like I said, 2 3-5 acre lots with ponds. I have my time invested, my buddies time, my gas for my mower that I use on all accounts but 4, and gas in the truck.
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    i think 2/3 of what he gets for the accts is a fair price. you did use his equipment on a few properties. personally i would have agreed on a price BEFORE the work was done.
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    I dont know but Ill guess 20 bucks an hour plus what you have to pay your friend ?
  4. 1MajorTom

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    hindsight is 20/20, you should have talked to him about the pay before you agreed to do the work for the week. That way there would be no surprises. Hard to say what is adequate compensation, but I would say at least half of the gross sales that week.
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    2/3, half? NO WAY! You did this guy an EXTREME deed. You deserve ALL of the revenue. Hopefully he's not a lowballer!
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    Well I hate to say it but he was a low baller and I know know that before I do anything for anyone it will be in writing... that's for D@MN sure.
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    Whatever the going rate for subcontractors in your area is what you should get. 75-90% sounds right to me.
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    i'd say atleast 70% of gross, and like everyone else has mentioned, get it in writing before you do the jobs.
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    If You Were Not There Who Would Have Done Them His Revenue For The Week Would Have Been Zero And He Would Have Had A Bunch Of Overgrown Lawns I Would Let Him Know That You Deserve All Or Real Close To It. This Would Be The First I Ever Heard Of The Owner Of A Lawn Buisness Getting A Paid Vacation, You Ever Come To South Fla I Could Use Some Time Off Lol

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