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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ssouth, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. Ssouth

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    I've been ask to estimate the price of filling a ditch to make it level. The ditch is approx. 125'long*4'deep*15'wide. At each end it will taper down. I know that I will need 150 yds. of fill dirt and approx. 30 yds. of topsoil. It is possible that the dump truck (6yd) can actually dump directly into the ditch. If not they can dump within 50 ft. of the ditch.

    My question is: How long should it take to level and how much would you charge? We will be using a 46 HP Kubota with a 1/3 yd. front end loader and a 6' box blade.

    For this type of work we normally get $90/hr for two people and there will only be two people working on this job. We have never taken on a job like this, but it seems to be very simple.

    I think that we can do it in a day, am I wrong?

    Please feel free to give advice as well as approx. times to be expected.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. diginahole

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    30 loads with one truck? Not in one day, count on three with 2 guys a truck and tractor. I would farm out the trucking to get the actual earthworks done in a short day.
  3. BRL

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    The biggest variable I see here is how far away is the fill dirt, and the top soil. The 6 yard dump will take 25 trips for the fill and another 5 trips to pick up the top soil. Is the supply close enough that the 30 trips can be done in a day? I would have the supplier use a 60 yard dump trailer to bring 120 yards in 2 trips, then 2 more trips with a tri-axle would get the rest of the fill & the top soil hopefully. Now if they can actually dump into the ditch, I would probably be able to grade that in 2-4 hours with that tractor. If they can't get it into the ditch, its gonna take a little (or maybe a lot) longer for the tractor to move the piles into the ditch, then grade. I'd rent a bulldozer to do that job, because that would be the more appropriate machine for that work. Then you'd get it done much faster. That's my .02
  4. PAPS

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    We do jobs like this one regularly... and did a job the other day that required 360 yards of fill... Let me tell you first that you are going to need a tandem dump to be bringing in all that fill... your wasting your time with a single axle.
    *Tandem = 10 loads at 15 yard per load.(1) day if a close run.

    Secondly... wait until all the dirt is delivered.. before moving leveling it... unless the tandem is making close runs and can keep your loader operator working and or it must be moved before the tandem can dump the next load... if your loader has to wait for the truck.. its a waste. Also, might want to consider a skidsteer rather than that tractor for this job... a skidsteer has more power and will blow right through this job no prob.

    lastly.. i think your topsoil number is a bit high = roughly once graded level the job will be about 1900 sq. ft @ 3'' topsoil = 19 yards (i would get 16-17 in one tandem truck and use that.)

    My rough bid:

    1. Trucking fee = $450.00 for (1) day. (hopefully)
    2. Fill dirt = 150 yards x $5.00 per yard (I would locate free dirt and then mark up to $5.00 per yard.)
    = $750.00
    3. (1) day skid steer with operator = $450.00
    4. (17) yards of topsoil delivered/installed/graded = $775.00

    TOTAL = about $2500.00 (1.5 -2.0 day job)
  5. PAPS

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    60 yard DUMP trailer??????????? in 2 trips????

    you wouldn't be able to bring that fill in a 60 yard dump trailer in 2 trips... the truck would be WAY:eek: over weight !!!!!!!!

    Your talking 60 yards = roughly 150,000 lbs + truck !!!!!!!!!!

    Dump trailers get the same amount of weight as a tandem/triaxle when it comes to topsoil, fill, stone... etc.

    The only advantage to dump trailers are when your hauling light materials like mulch etc. otherwise their work load is the same as tandems and tri-axles
  6. diginahole

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    :rolleyes: this post no longer applies sorry moderators please delete
  7. Ssouth

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    As I mentioned, I only need the estimated time on labor. Thanks for the other info. The dirt pit is only 5 miles away. I am getting fill dirt for $1/yd and screened topsoil for $12/yd. There will be a delivery fee, but it won't be much. (I'm having someone else do the hauling) There is no way to get a larger dump in the area. It would be nice to only have a couple of truck loads, but it's not feasible. I plan on having all of the dirt there before we even begin our work. Also, I can rent a bobcat for $175 a day but we own the tractor and I don't see the need for an extra expense of renting. The tractor is a 4 wheel drive with hydostat transmission and will move this dirt with no problems. Any other opinions or suggestions are welcomed.


  8. diginahole

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    30 trip to and 30 trips from X 5 mile X 30mph = 10 hours. No loading or unloading.
  9. PAPS

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    Well then what are you asking help on??? you seem to have all the angles covered it appears... if you get $90.00 an hour for that kind of work.. then why not charge it... too me it sounds like your gettin robbed, but thats me. it will take you with that tractor and (1) other guy 3 days for that job...personally me.. i would have a tandem dump the dirt in a accesible area.. then with the skid-steer drive it to the back.
  10. dan deutekom

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    Heck with a tandem I would get a 2 triaxles hauling. Skidsteer would still be able to keep up if it dosn't have to move it to far.

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