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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jacob land and, Feb 26, 2006.

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    i am going to try to fill in an L shaped pool ( 16ftx33ft,7ftx10ft) deep end is 10ft and the shallow end is 4ft. i found a calculator on the internet that found how many yards of fill dirt i would need and it came out to 170. i am not sure if it is correct, is it? if this is true i am in a heap of trouble, the pool is only aproachable by a skid loader due to trees, landscaping, and neighboring houses. what should my plan of attack be? i am doing this for a friend of the family, so i am trying to find the most inexpensive way to complete the project.
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    Are you removing the steel liner?
  3. jacob land and

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    it is an inground concrete pool
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    Why would you be in trouble by using only a skid steer? We dig them all the time with mini Xes and skid steers, so why would filling one in with a skid steer put you in trouble?
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    sounds right.. 11 dump loads...
    should take you less than a day.
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    You will need somewhere around 155 cubic yards to fill it. If you have the dirt piled close by, you can fill it in one day using a skidsteer to shuttle the dirt across the lawn and into the pool.
    Use the dirt to build a ramp down into the pool, then carry the dirt down the ramp and place it throughout the pool area. The skidsteer tires will compact the dirt as you fill the pool. Do not just dump dirt over the side, or your fill will sink over the next several months, and you will have to come back and top it off. I have seen these pool backfills sink 3' when not compacted correctly.
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    Hopefully you have the concrete broken or you will have a mud pit that will swallow children and adults alike. If you dont believe me, fill a large bucket with dirt and leave it outside. If the water has no where to go it will saturate the dirt completely. Imagine that 10 feet deep.
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    Breaking a concrete one now, 260 cubic metres, two days with the skid. It depends on what the future use of the area will be. As stated, build a ramp in and bring it up in levels. Here's one we did awhile back that was going to be built on.

    If its concrete and you are leaving the bottom in don't forget to bust some good drainage holes in it.

    Pool 013.jpg
  10. Squizzy246B

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    Here's another

    Pool 014.jpg

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