Filling in an in ground pool

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by coxslawncare, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Just curious if there is anything that I am forgetting.

    I was asked to give a price on filling in a pool on a foreclosed property that I maintain. I am going to call the county to see if a permit is required to fill the pool in.

    my plan is to jack hammer holes into the bottom of the pool and fill with about 3 inches of gravel to make sure I have good drainage and then start to break apart the concrete sidewalk around the pool and push it into the pool with a skid steer in layers (flat layer of concrete, cover with dirt, repeat). after all of the concrete has been removed I will continue to fill the pool with fill and run a plate compactor over it every 8-12 inches to help prevent settling.

    I have a friend that is an electrician who I will have disconnect the electrical connections.

    The pool is a 25 ft circle. I plan to cut down the sides (fiberglass), with a sawzall or break them apart with the skid if I can, so that I can grade the yard back flat and should be able to use quite a bit of dirt from the yard as fill depending on the location of utilities.

    If there is anything that I am overlooking in this process before I work my bid out.

    My supplier for fill is less than a mile away and I can either have them deliver 20 yards to me or I can use my dump that can hold 4 yards and run back and forth. (My dump will make it through the gate and should be able to dump directly into the pool which may be faster than moving it from the driveway to the pool with the skid.
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    I meant 20 yards at a time. I am figuring about 85 total yards of fill will be needed between dirt/concrete ect.
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    Plate compactor is not the best, check out a walk behind vibrating sheepsfoot roller.

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