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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by leannesinclair, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. leannesinclair

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    Hey guys! Have a question I am hoping you can give me some advice on...I am currently working on a property where I am cleaning up flowerbeds, planting, etc. The homeowner now would like me to fill in various holes around her yard because she says she keeps tripping in them (I think she just has a bad sense of balance :). These 'holes' have full grass coverage over them, and are more so indention's in her yard. She would like me to remove the grass, fill in with dirt, and then put down grass seed.

    Any ideas about this? Before I tell her yes or no, I wanted to gather some input. Probably looking at around 10 different areas to fill in. Is her solution viable? I have never had this request before and would appreciate any advice you could give.
  2. Focal Point Landscapes

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    What type of grass and how large and deep are the indentations ? Down here we would level the area with topsoil or sand , water it in and wait for the grass to grow through the repair . This would work for centipede , bermuda or St. Augustine.
  3. leannesinclair

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    Her lawn is KY Bluegrass/Fescue Mix. The indentations vary in sizes...If I do accept the job I am going out to meet with her and we are going to walk the property and place flags at each area she wants filled in so I can give her a quote according to the # of holes and their depth. I just wanted to figure out if this is something I would even want to take on, or if I should just pass. Since I have never done a job like this before, I figured the cost of the topsoil + my hourly rate + any overhead covered would suffice; I see it as a learning opportunity, but want to be smart about what I would be getting myself into.
  4. Focal Point Landscapes

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    This is something you should try if the client is willing to pay your price - its hard to describe the scope of the fix without seeing the yard , but it could just involve a few bags of topsoil , a wheelbarrow , shovel and a rake . It shouldn't be that tough and it would be an opportunity to learn something new , which I rarely pass up . I haven't worked with northern grasses for decades , but you will probably need to seed the repairs if they are very deep -that will require the homeowner keep them moist during germination . Good luck.
  5. Soupy

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    Don't worry about tearing out the old turf. That would be a waste. Just add topsoil and if it's only a couple inches the turf should pop back through. Any deeper just toss some seed, or sod down and give her care instructions.

    Even on the shallow holes I would still throws a handful of seed down because this makes the job look complete and when the old turf pops back through it will look even better for you.
  6. lurch

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    if you do add soil you have to make sure its packed down enough so that when the first rain comes the soil does'nt settle too much and you're right back where you started
  7. supercuts

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    dont tear out the old, just fill it in, if you need alot of soil (truck load/18yds) you might want to tack on a tractor rental with loader and york rake to your price. it takes a long time to move that much soil. without seeing the lawn, if they are humps in the lawn perhaps you could rototill them down and spread the soil too.
  8. leannesinclair

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    Thank you for the advice guys, I really appreciate it. I am heading back out there on Thurs to walk through the property and get a better idea of the project. I will take pictures and try to post.
  9. lawnpro724

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    Depending on how big the holes are just take a spade shovel and dig down just enough to remove the grass that is there then fill in with dirt and replace the grass and roll with roller to make good contact. Don't just fill with dirt and seed, take your time and do it right, if they are deep holes then fill with dirt and seed but if there small indentations like you describe do it as above it doesn't take much time to do it right.

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